LEED Canada for Homes works with any single-family home in the design or early construction phase.  The program also works with existing homes completing a full gut renovation. In all cases multifamily projects with up to three residential stories above grade are eligible, and in some cases four story projects may also be eligible. Mixed-use projects with 50 per cent or more residential floor area are eligible to have the residential portion certified.

For detailed eligibility requirements, please check the Guidelines for Eligible LEED Canada for Homes 2009 Projects. Contact a Provider should you have questions about eligibility. The Canada Green Building Council may also be able to assist – email LEED Canada for Homes.

If your project is not eligible for LEED Canada for Homes, then consider LEED Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations or LEED for Homes Midrise.

LEED Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations is a program for diverse building types ranging from offices to community centers, and is typically chosen for taller multifamily buildings.

LEED for Homes Midrise is similar to the LEED Canada for Homes rating system but is suitable for residential multifamily buildings 4-12 stories above grade. The program is offered through the U.S. Green Building Council, for more information visit their website or contact your local Provider.