Design and Construction Split Review

LEED Canada NC and CS 2009 projects are able to take advantage of the Design and Construction Split Review Option, which entails undergoing a two-stage review of the design-stage prerequisites and credits immediately following design. Upon completion of the project, a two-stage review of the construction-stage credits and prerequisites is undertaken.

Many LEED consultants know the difficulties that can arise in tracking down design team members and seeking their support during the normal certification process.  By opting for this split review option, which allows design prerequisites and credits to be reviewed immediately following design, project teams are able to address issues while the design team is still actively working with the larger project team - thus greatly simplifying the certification process.

Project teams also benefit from the ability to make adjustments as a result of the design-stage review, helping to ensure a positive outcome.

It should be noted that there are important issues to consider when contemplating a split review certification, such as the risk of design revisions during construction.

Project teams pursuing a split review certification may use the standard LEED Letter Templates, which were updated in July 2012 to accommodate split reviews as well as to incorporate improvements and corrections. Instructions for the use of the LEED Letter Templates on projects using the split review option have been incorporated as well. A general overview of the new certification option can also be found in the updated Certification Process document.

PowerPoint presentation is available that touches upon:

  • How does documentation differ between the Split Review and a standard Combined Review?
  • What can I say about my project following successful completion of the Design Review?
  • What happens if there are changes to the design during construction?
  • What happens if credits are denied during the Design Review?
  • Can I submit for Design credits at Construction Review?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Split Review?