Neighbourhood Development

The USGBC has developed the LEED for Neighbourhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system to guide and assess sustainable community development. The system was created as a partnership between the USGBC, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Congress for the New Urbanism. Registration opened in April 2010.

LEED 2009 for Neighbourhood Development with Canadian Alternative Compliance Path

The CaGBC has developed Canadian Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) for the LEED-ND 2009 rating system. The ACPs are formally approved approaches that provide clarity and guidance for Canadian projects, addressing sections of the rating system that contain US-specific standards or wording. Canadian projects interested in pursuing LEED-ND 2009 certification are encouraged to review these ACPs, and employ them as needed as part of the certification process. The ACPs have been embedded within the original LEED-ND 2009 rating system, and can be viewed here:

Guidance for Canadian Projects using LEED 2009 for Neighbourhood Development

The CaGBC, in partnership with the USGBC, has developed guidance on the application of the Canadian ACPs for LEED-ND 2009. Topics covered within this document include:

  1. Instructions for using LEED Online to submit documentation for the ACPs.
  2. Certification submittals for the ACPs (where necessary).
  3. Helpful reference materials related specifically to the standards and methods in the ACPs.

Guidance for Canadian Projects using LEED 2009 for Neighbourhood Development

Certification Process for Canadian LEED for Neighbourhood Development Projects

LEED-ND 2009 projects worldwide register and certify through the Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI). Canadian LEED-ND 2009 projects follow the same certification process, referring to the LEED-ND 2009 Canadian ACPs as required. The CaGBC will continue to work with the GBCI to ensure that this process serves the needs of Canadian project teams, and will endeavor to address any certification process issues that may arise. In order to further assist our organizations to improve the certification process, all projects outside the U.S. are required to provide feedback in the form of a questionnaire and interactive sessions.


If you're interested in taking LEED beyond the single building scale, this workshop is for you! The new LEED for Neighbourhood Development workshop explores green building practices in a neighbourhood-scale context.

LEED for Neighbourhood Development Resources

The CaGBC's new Sustainable Communities Toolkit is a comprehensive resource manual that provides Canadian municipalities with practical guidance for implementing sustainability solutions within their community.

This 248-page Toolkit contains principles, best practices, guidelines, and case studies from across Canada, representing municipalities of varying sizes.
Its contents reflect the transition currently underway in the green building community - broadening thinking from the building scale to the community scale.

Publications that mention LEED ND

Architecture Summer / Fall 2012, pages 20-22 - ""LEED for Neighbourhood Development and the CaGBC bring the 2030 Challenge to a community level"

Ontario Professional Planners Institute - Ontario Planning Journal May / June 2012 - "The story of LEED-ND"

Canadian Journal of Green Building & Design article - "Sustainable Development on a Neighborhood Scale"

LEED for Neighbourhood Development Sponsors

The CaGBC graciously thanks the following sponsors who supported the development of the LEED-ND 2009 Canadian Alternative Compliance Paths:

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Canadian LEED-ND Projects

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