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Growing green neighbourhoods: Green city and community planning with EcoDistricts and CaGBC

The CaGBC recognizes the EcoDistricts initiative in Canada. EcoDistricts are neighbourhoods or districts where neighbours, community institutions and businesses join with city leaders and utility providers to meet ambitious sustainability goals and co-develop innovative district-scale projects. Unique partnerships, governance and financing models are often required to bring plans to reality.

A natural fit for CaGBC

Ecodistricts is a natural fit with the CaGBC’s goal of building sustainable communities on a more holistic scale by helping municipalities and the industry shift its thinking from green building at the single building scale to the neighbourhood and city-wide scales. A part of this goal has also involved developing and introducing new tools for municipal staff – offerings like the Municipal Green Building Toolkit the LEED Policy Database.

There is great potential for the development of these types of projects in Canada, and the CaGBC hopes that offering this training will assist both municipalities and grassroots community groups in fostering and advancing EcoDistrict initiatives in communities across Canada.

The EcoDistricts Initiative brings together community stakeholders, property developers, utilities, and cities to solidify a shared sense of purpose and partnership through the following actions:

  • Create an engagement and governance strategy to build community support, set priorities, and act.
  • Develop an assessment and management toolkit to guide project development and track ongoing performance.
  • Implement sustainability projects through technical and economic feasibility analysis, assembly of project financing, and establishment of public-private partnerships.
  • Identify commercialization opportunities for companies to test promising products and practices.
  • Establish municipal policy and regulatory structures to support EcoDistrict development.

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