The CaGBC and the Canadian Coalition for Green Schools announced the Career and Technology Centre (CTC) at Lord Shaughnessy High School in Calgary, Alberta is the winner of the annual CaGBC Greenest School in Canada competition. The CaGBC Greenest School jury, comprised of green building industry experts from across the country, chose the CTC at Lord Shaughnessy for its “amazing Energy and Environmental Innovation program,” that presented unique environmental strategies in both curriculum and physical building changes and updates.

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What the Greenest School in Canada wins:

  • The winning school will receive $2,000 in prize money to use for a green activity and the coveted title of Greenest School in Canada.
  • Canada's Greenest School will also be submitted as the official Canadian entry into the Greenest School on Earth competition, awarded annually by the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council.

Criteria and eligibility - demonstrate how you're educating students about sustainability

Schools that offer any grade from kindergarten to grade 12 in Canada are eligible to participate in the Greenest School in Canada competition, and will be judged on criteria including: efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact; enhanced health and learning among students, teachers and staff; and emphasis on sustainability and resource-conservation education.

The types of questions we ask competing schools to answer include:

  • How is environmental education emphasized at your school?
  • Tell us about any conservation programs and efforts your school implements to minimize negative impacts on the environment.
  • Is the school is involved with community initiatives and if so, how?

It's not all about having a green school building - we are looking for schools that are weaving sustainability education into their curriculum and bringing programs and activities to students that encourage awareness about the environment.

About the competition

The Greenest School in Canada competition was launched in 2014 by the Canadian Coalition for Green Schools, a group comprised of members of the green building industry who are contributing their time and expertise to supporting Canadian communities in the transformation of their schools.

In addition to the Greenest School in Canada competition, schools across the country are also encouraged to submit their green projects and activities to receive a merit certificate, as a part of the Green Apple Program.