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LEED® can have a significant impact on your new or existing building

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in over 160 countries. Since 2002, the Canada Green Building Council® (CaGBC) and LEED Canada have been redefining the buildings and communities where Canadians live, work and learn.

LEED works because it recognizes that sustainability should be at the heart of all buildings – in their design, construction and operation. Since 2004, the CaGBC has certified over 4,000 LEED buildings in Canada and registered over 8,000 – with the second highest number of LEED projects anywhere in the world.

Green buildings create a healthier indoor environment for occupants through better indoor air quality, less harmful products, and more natural daylight. They also reduce waste, conserve energy, decrease water consumption, and drive innovation. All of this can positively affect your bottom line and boost productivity.

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The value of LEED®

Why certify? The results speak for themselves.

Since 2005 LEED® Canada has led to:

Energy savings
Energy savings of 16.7 million eMWh which is enough to power 570,000 homes in Canada for a full year.

Water savings
Water savings totalling over 30 billion litres, as much as courses over the Canadian Horseshoe of Niagara Falls in four hours.

Recycling over 3.6 million tonnes of construction/ demolition waste, which is one year’s total waste disposal in British Columbia.

GHG reduction
A 3.24 million CO2e tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which equates to taking 690,000 cars off the roads for a year.

Green roofs
355,000 sq. metres of green roofs, enough to green the length of the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto.

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