LEED® Canada for Homes

Listed here are all the supporting tools you need to help prepare for LEED Canada for Homes certification. Your Provider can walk you through the process and explain how each tool can help.

Registration under LEED® Canada rating systems is closed; projects must submit for certification by October 31, 2022.
New projects must register under LEED v4.

For assistance or additional guidance at any time, contact us by email or phone us at 1-866-941-1184.

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Rating System

(PDF File 1.6 MB)

Rating System (pdf) - The rating system outlines the requirements for each credit and prerequisite. Updated with April 30, 2012 Addendum.

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Rating System Clarifications

(PDF File 214 KB)

Rating System Clarifications (pdf) - Frequently Asked Questions about specific credits are answered here. Updated as of February 2013.

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(XLS File 1.3 MB)

Checklist (xls) - The checklist is where you record information about the project and the points you are targeting. The checklist is submitted to the CaGBC for review. Updated as of June 2014.

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Reference Guide

(Online Purchase)

Reference Guide (available for online purchase) - This comprehensive document provides strategies to achieve credits, detailed examples, and much more. For each credit and prerequisite, the Reference Guide provides:

  • Overview and points per credit
  • Documentation requirements
  • Summary of reference standards
  • Importance and benefits of compliance
  • Recommended design strategies and technologies
  • Potential design synergies and trade-offs
  • Economics
  • Calculation methods and formulas
  • Resources and definitions
  • Case studies (when available)