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LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009

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Changes implemented February 2018

Registration under LEED® Canada rating systems is closed; projects must submit for certification by October 31, 2022. New projects must register under LEED v4.

The LEED® Canada for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EB:O&M) rating system helps building owners and operators measure operations, upgrades and maintenance on a consistent scale, with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts. LEED® EB:O&M addresses whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues (including chemical use), recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs, and systems upgrades.

LEED® EB:O&M is a globally recognized rating system with rigorous energy requirements that result in top performing buildings and reduced GHG emissions. Along with the economic and environmental benefits, LEED’s requirements increase occupant comfort and satisfaction by delivering healthier buildings with more daylight, better air quality and improved temperature control.


Buildings are operated and maintained for decades and therefore, under this rating system, certified buildings must file for recertification at least once every five years to maintain their LEED O+M status.

As recertification requires demonstration of compliance for the entire period of time from the project's previous certification, LEED O+M represents an ongoing commitment by building operators to continuously assess the environmental performance of their buildings.

Case Studies

Learn more about the many economic, environmental and health benefits of LEED® EB:O&M certification by reading the featured case studies below.

Looking for more information on existing building projects in Canada? Visit our Project Profiles page where you can easily search the database, and filter for existing buildings, to view detailed information for LEED certified and registered projects that exist in Canada.


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Rating System and Reference Guide

LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 Rating System (pdf) - Outlines credit requirements and provides a credit checklist.

Introduction Section of the LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 Reference Guide (pdf) - Publically available excerpt to assist in selecting the appropriate LEED® rating system.

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LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009
Reference Guide*

(Available for online purchase.)

LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 Reference Guide* (available for online purchase) – Detailed outline of the credits that may be utilized for LEED® Canada EB:O&M registered projects. *Online purchase - if you have already purchased the Reference Guide in electronic format it is available in the My Documents section of My CaGBC.

LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 Reference Guide Addenda (pdf)


Minimum Program Requirements

Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs)* for LEED Canada Rating Systems (pdf) – List of basic characteristics for projects to be eligible for certification under the LEED® Canada rating systems. *These MPRs apply to all projects registered on or after September 1, 2012 and projects registered earlier are encouraged to follow them for the helpful guidance and new allowances they provide. Projects must provide a signed MPR form with their project submission, declaring the project meets all MPRs or allowed exceptions.

Minimum Program Requirements Declaration Form (XLS) - Must be submitted for all LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 projects registered on or after September 1, 2012.


Project Resources

The following documents and tools are critical to any project pursuing LEED certification. These materials are copyright protected and may only be used on projects that are registered for LEED certification. In order to view the materials, you must be a Specialist Member and you must be logged in.

LEED® Canada EB:O&M Letter Templates (pdf) - Supports the required declarations for each of the prerequisites and credits v2009.

Version 3, October 2012

LEED® Canada EB:O&M Recertification Guidance (pdf) - Details the timeline for project recertification and outlines the establishment and performance requirements for prerequisites and credits.

December 2013

Recertification Workbook (xlsx) - Outlines the declarations and documentation that are relevant to the performance requirements necessary for recertification. Watch a 5 minute introduction to the Workbook.

Version 1, December 18, 2018.

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Reduced Occupancy

(PDF Document 187 KB)

Reduced Occupancy Guidance (pdf) - Direction for projects with partial or fluctuating occupancy during performance period.

Version 1, June 6, 2012.

LEED Canada EB:O&M 2009 Portfolio Certification Program (pdf) - Certification process for owners/property managers with 10 or more buildings targeting LEED Canada EB:O&M 2009 certification.

Version 1, November, 2017.

Application Guide for Multiple Building Projects in LEED® Canada EB:O&M (pdf) - Certification process for multiple buildings on a shared site controlled by a single entity, applying for LEED certification as a single building.

Version 1, October 2013.

LEED® Canada EB:O&M Project Checklist (xls)

Energy Efficiency Performance Option B&C Calculator (pdf) - Supports Energy and Atmosphere prerequisite 2 and credit 1, Options B and C.

Version 7, February 2018

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Emissions Reporting

(XLS Document 745 KB)

Emissions Reporting Calculator (pdf) - Supports Energy and Atmosphere credit 6. The CaGBC would like to thank LOOP Initiatives Inc. for development of this calculator.

Version 2, March 2012.

Minimum IAQ Performance: Option B Calculator (pdf) - Supports Indoor Environmental Quality prerequisite 1, Option B.

Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts Calculator (xls) - Supports Innovation in Operations credit 3.

Version 2, March 2012


Additional Information

Submittal Tips for LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 (pdf)

LEED v4 Credits Available For Substitution In LEED Canada (pdf) – includes LEED v4 O+M credits which may be used by LEED Canada EB:O&M 2009 projects.

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Regional Priority

(PDF Document 203 KB)

Regional Priority Credits: LEED Canada for Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance (EB:O&M) 2009 (pdf) – pre-approved list of credits.

Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) Methodology (pdf) – guidance in preparing CIRs and their utilization in project submissions. Updated February 2013.

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LEED® Canada EB:O&M
General FAQs

(PDF Document 125 KB)

LEED® Canada EB:O&M General FAQs (pdf)

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Supplement to
CIR 1125

(PDF Document 135 KB)

Supplement to CIR 1125 (pdf) - Alternative for calculating energy from District Energy Systems.

UK Carbon Trust's Good Practice Guide 237: Natural Ventilation in Non-domestic Buildings (1999) (pdf) - Provided in support of Indoor Environmental Quality credit 1.3.

Comparison of Canadian and USGBC Rating Systems (pdf)

Average Scorecard for LEED® Canada EB:O&M 2009 (pdf) - Illustrates the percentage of projects in each level of certification that achieved a particular credit.

FAQ: Chain of Custody for Certified Wood products within LEED® Canada (pdf)

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LEED Brand
User Guidelines

(PDF Document 2.7 MB)

LEED Brand User Guidelines (pdf)