Striking a balance between carbon reduction, health and resilience

The reality of climate change is upon us. Future-proofing Canada’s building stock to respond to our new reality requires actionable solutions that balance the need to reduce carbon emissions with enhanced resilience and improved health and well-being in the spaces where we work, live and play.

New, low carbon green buildings are part of the solution, but it will also be essential to retrofit the millions of square feet of existing buildings to achieve our social, economic and environmental objectives. Canada must step up its efforts to establish a retrofit economy that attracts investments for recommissioning, renewable energy, performance measurement, and fuel switching actions. We need to prepare Canada’s workforce with the skillsets required to be successful in a low carbon world. And to accelerate the achievement of our goals, we must aim for the highest levels of sustainability tools and programs and ramp up the use of the latest innovations in green building technology and materials.

This is the path leading us forward to greater technological and environmental advancements that will build lasting change.

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