Meet the Speakers of Building Lasting Change 2016

Master Speakers:

Our Master Speakers will appear throughout the program. Click on each name to find out more about their presentation. 

Paul de Ruiter picture

Paul de Ruiter

Directeur, Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter bv

Kathy Gerwig picture  

Kathy Gerwig

Vice President, Kaiser Permanente

David Hoffman

David Hoffman

General Manager, Cadillac Fairview

Doug Webber picture

Doug Webber

Sustainability and Energy Director, WSP Group

Plenary Speakers:

GRESB: Driving Green Building in Canada's Real Estate Sector

Amy Erixon picture

Amy Erixon

Principal and Managing Director, Investments, Avison Young

DChris Pike picture

Dr. Chris Pyke

Chief Operating Officer, GRESB

Stephen Taylor picture

Stephen Taylor

Vice President, Real Estate, HOOPP

Paul Zelma picture

Paul Zemla

Chief Investment Officer, Canada, Bentall Kennedy

Michael Brooks picture

This plenary discussion is moderated by:

Michael Brooks




This year's presenters include an impressive list of industry leaders. Browse this list, alphabetically by first name, and click on each name to find out more about their presentation. Presenters are subject to change. Additions will be posted as details are confirmed.

Aderonke Akande picture

Aderonke Akande

Project Manager, City of Toronto
John Alker picture

John Alker

Campaign and Policy Director, U.K. Green Building Council

Allison Annesley

Vice President of Energy Solutions, Efficiency Capital Corp.

Wells Baker picture

Wells Baker

Director of Conservation and Sustainable Design, Minto Group Inc.

Marty Brennan picture

Marty Brennan

Sustainable Designer, ZGF Architects LLP

Craig Brown picture

Craig Brown

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ryerson University

Christian Cianfrone picture

Christian Cianfrone

Principal, Morrison Hershfield

Barbara Ciesla picture

Barbara Ciesla

Senior Vice President, Strategic Consulting, People+Place, Jones, Lang LaSalle

Ed Clark picture

Ed Clark

Sustainable Designer, ZGF Architects LLP

Adrienne Cressman

Embedded Energy Manager, Cadillac Fairview

Peter Daldoss picture

Peter Daldoss

Project Principal, WSP Group

Brian DePratto picture

Brian DePratto

Economist, TD Bank Group

Saher Fazilat

Executive Director of Facilities Development and Engineering, Western University

Marsha Gentile picture

Marsha Gentile

Construction Sustainability Expert, Ledcor

CeCe Haydock picture

CeCe Haydock

Project Manager, 2-Star SITES, U.S. Green Building Council

David Hoffman picture

David Hoffman

General Manager, Cadillac Fairview

Meg Holden picture

Meg Holden

Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Geography, Simon Fraser University

Fariha Husain

Efficiency Capital Corp.

Ian Jarvis picture

Ian Jarvis

President, Enerlife Consulting

Meaghan Kahnert picture

Meaghan Kahnert

Project Manager, WSP Group

Photo of Kati Kallins

Kati Kallins

Real Estate and Workplace Services Team, Google

Johannes Kislinger

Founder and CEO, Innovative Gebaeude

Marco Iacampo picture

Marco Iacampo

Supervisor, Policy, Environment and Energy, City of Toronto

Oliver Lang picture

Oliver Lang

Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture

Patrick Lavoie  picture

Patrick Lavoie

Senior Scientist, FPInnovations

Andre Legault picture

Andre Legault

Project Manager, Footprint

Christine Lemaitre picture

Christine Lemaitre

Chief Executive Officer, Germany Green Building Council

Charling Li picture

Charling Li

Planner, Sustainable Solutions, Stantec Consulting

Jimmy Lu picture

Jimmy Lu

TowerWise Coordinator, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Mark Lucuik picture

Mark Lucuik

Principal, Director of Sustainability, Morrison Hershfield

Josée Lupien picture

Josée Lupien

President, Vertima

John Lyons picture

John Lyons

National Director of Sustainability, DIALOG

Fin MacDonald picture

Fin MacDonald

Sustainability Analyst, Morrison Hershfield

Martha MacInnis picture 

Martha MacInnis

Design Director, TD Bank

Romilly Madew picture

Romilly Madew

CEO, Australia Green Building Council

Penny Martyn

Green Building Manager, University of British Columbia

Jenny McMinn picture

Jenny McMinn

Vice President, Build Green Solutions

Jeanne Medland picture

Jeanne Medland

Director of Sustainability, KingSett Capital

Ian Meredith picture

Ian Meredith

Program Development Officer, Natural Resources Canada

Morgan McDonald picture

Morgan McDonald

Director of Operations, Ledcor Renew

Afshin Naseri picture

Afshin Naseri

Senior Project Manager, The Regional Municipality of York

Martin Nielsen Picture

Martin Nielsen

Principal, DIALOG

Mike Nolan

Real Estate and Workplace Services Team, Google

Anna Palamarchuck picture

Anna Palamarchuck

Project Manager, Waterfront Toronto

Neil Pegram picture

Neil Pegram

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Manager - National, Morguard

Grant Peters picture

Grant Peters

Manager of Green Building Services, Fluent Group Consulting Engineers Inc

Gregory Pheiffer

Regional Operations Manager, 20 Vic Management Inc.

Denis Poncelet picture

Denis Poncelet

Sustainable Building Engineer, The Regional Municipality of  York

Bryan Purcell picture

Bryan Purcell

Director of Policy and Programs, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Francisca Quinn picture

Francisca Quinn

Founder and Managing Partner, Quinn & Partners

Sundaresan Raghupathy picture

Sundaresan Raghupathy

Executive Director, Indian Green Building Council

David Ramslie picture

David Ramslie

 Principal, Sustainability, Planning and Research, Integral Group

Max Ritcher picture

Max Ritcher

Senior Architect, Perkins + Will

Jennifer Sanguinetti picture

Jennifer Sanguinetti

Director of Project Services, University of British Columbia

Lyle Scott picture

Lyle Scott

Principal, Footprint

Tim Stoate

Executive Vice President, Efficiency Capital Corp.

Daniel Sturgeon

Development Planning Technician, Simon Fraser University

Nada Sutic picture

Nada Sutic

General Manager, Bentall Kennedy

Marc Trudeau picture

Marc Trudeau

Sustainable Building Specialist, Stantec Consulting

Anke van Hal picture

Anke van Hal

Professor, Sustainable Housing Transformation, Delft University of Technology and Nyenrode Business University

Tobias Waltjen picture

Tobias Waltjen

Editor of IBOMagazine, Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Buildings

Kathy Wardle picture

Kathy Wardle

Associate Principal, Perkins + Will Architect

Doug Webber picture

Doug Webber

Sustainability and Energy Director, WSP Group

Grant Peters picture

Lisa Westerhoff

Intermediate Planner, Integral Group