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Developed to help our industry take advantage of opportunities emerging in Canada’s new low -carbon economy, Education Services are custom-developed programs for companies involved in the design, building or management of buildings.

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Opportunity in the Transition

Companies that up-skill their workforce will be better positioned to take on the opportunities presented by Canada’s new low-carbon, retrofit economy.

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By 2030, it’s estimated the low-carbon, retrofit economy will have contributed $32.5 B to Canada’s GDP, and created over 260,000 jobs. Canadian firms must be prepared to take advantage of this low-carbon transition and the economic engine it will create, by retraining and upskilling their workforces around the latest green building standards and technologies.

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Customized Solution

CaGBC creates customized training programs so companies can focus on high-potential areas tied to their business objectives.

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CaGBC’s Education Services are custom developed and delivered to meet your needs. With Education Services, CaGBC works with you to uncover and address internal knowledge gaps. The resulting custom solution helps companies make smarter investments in their future and their employees’ development.

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Access the Experts

As an established leader with deep industry connections, companies can trust CaGBC’s expert instruction.

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CaGBC instructors draw on the organization’s 15 years of experience supporting green building standard development and certification, including LEED and Zero Carbon Building. Our education programs are also informed by our proprietary market research and designed by an in-house team of curriculum developers dedicated to green building.


The Canada Green Building Council is the number one source for industry-specific education, with over 15 years’ experience training green building professionals and supporting LEED and Zero Carbon standard development and certification. No other Canadian organization has access to the same level of expertise and industry insight.



Ledcor was very pleased to work with CaGBC to train over 70 staff across several offices by participating in a private webinar series. This presented a great opportunity to establish a cohort who could learn and study together, providing support and encouragement for one another while being able to ask direct questions to the CaGBC.

—   Morgan McDonald, Director of Operations, Ledcor Renew





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