On Demand Courses (online)

Finding time for professional development can be a challenge. CaGBC offers on-demand courses that are delivered to your desktop at your convenience. One to one and a half hours in length, these sessions are co-developed and delivered by experienced professionals.

Our Current Course Listing Includes:

Product CodeTitle
ODC_CC_BDC*Building Design and Construction Exam Prep CourseODC_CC_BDC
ODC_CC_GA*Green Associate Exam Prep CourseODC_CC_GA
ODC_CC_NECBApplying the NECB 2017 - Alberta and SaskatchewanODC_CC_NECB
ODC_CC_CSRBuilding Better: Corporate Social ResponsibilityODC_CC_CSR
ODC_CC_ZCBCalculating the Zero Carbon Balance: An OverviewODC_CC_ZCB
ODC_CC_C2CCoast to Coast: Regional Impact and Market GrowthODC_CC_C2C
ODC_CC_C2M2Construction Plans for LEED CreditsODC_CC_C2M2
ODC_CC_C2M1Construction Process and LEED CreditsODC_CC_C2M1
ODC_CC_ZCBUNCore Concepts of Zero Carbon Building Education BundleODC_CC_ZCBUN
ODC_CC_ECIEmbodied Carbon: An IntroductionODC_CC_ECI
ODC_CC_C4M3Energy Metering and Demand Response CreditsODC_CC_C4M3
ODC_CC_C4M2Energy Performance CreditsODC_CC_C4M2
ODC_CC_BLC20_5HEALTH AND LIVABILITY: Pillars of Green BuildingODC_CC_BLC20_5
ODC_CC_HPMHow Product Manufacturers Contribute to LEED CertificationODC_CC_HPM
ODC_CC_BLCICPHow to Take an ICP Project from Start to FinishODC_CC_BLCICP
ODC_CC_C1BUNIntro to LEED and the Integrated Design Process BundleODC_CC_C1BUN
ODC_CC_C4M1Introduction to Energy and Atmosphere CreditsODC_CC_C4M1
ODC_CC_IEBIntroduction to Energy BenchmarkingODC_CC_IEB
ODC_CC_C5M1Introduction to Energy Credits and CommissioningODC_CC_C5M1
ODC_CC_C1M1Introduction to the CaGBC and LEED v4 Rating SystemODC_CC_C1M1
ODC_CC_IZCIntroduction to the Zero Carbon Building Standard v2ODC_CC_IZC
ODC_CC_TDIIntroduction to Thermal Energy Demand IntensityODC_CC_TDI
ODC_CC_C7M3LEED Certification Process and ProceduresODC_CC_C7M3
ODC_CC_C5BUNLEED Commissioning BundleODC_CC_C5BUN
ODC_CC_C4BUNLEED Energy Performance BundleODC_CC_C4BUN
ODC_CC_C5M2LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Cx Prerequisite/CreditODC_CC_C5M2
ODC_CC_C6BUNLEED Indoor Environment and Air Quality BundleODC_CC_C6BUN
ODC_CC_C3BUNLEED Location & Transportation and Sustainable Sites BundleODC_CC_C3BUN
ODC_CC_C3M1LEED Location and Transportation Pre-Design CreditsODC_CC_C3M1
ODC_CC_C2BUNLEED Materials and Construction BundleODC_CC_C2BUN
ODC_CC_C3M3LEED Sustainable Sites Credits Part IIODC_CC_C3M3
ODC_CC_C3M2LEED Transportation Related Credits and Sustainable Sites IODC_CC_C3M2
ODC_CC_CEGLEED v4 & v4.1: Secrets to a Well-Commissioned EnvelopeODC_CC_CEG
ODC_CC_C7M1LEED v4 Building Policy CreditsODC_CC_C7M1
ODC_CC_C6M1LEED v4 Environment and Indoor Air Quality Credits Part IODC_CC_C6M1
ODC_CC_C6M2LEED v4 Environment and Indoor Air Quality Credits Part IIODC_CC_C6M2
ODC_CC_C6M4LEED v4 EQ: Lighting, Daylighting and Views CreditsODC_CC_C6M4
ODC_CC_C6M3LEED v4 EQ: Thermal Comfort and Acoustic PerformanceODC_CC_C6M3
ODC_CC_C7M2LEED v4 Innovation and Regional Priority CreditsODC_CC_C7M2
ODC_CC_C1M2LEED v4 Overview and Basic RequirementsODC_CC_C1M2
ODC_CC_C2M5LEED v4 Specifications ReviewODC_CC_C2M5
ODC_CC_C3M4LEED v4 Water Efficiency CreditsODC_CC_C3M4
ODC_CC_IDCLessons Learned from the First LEEDv4 IDC Projects in CanadaODC_CC_IDC
ODC_CC_BZCMaking the Case for Building to Zero CarbonODC_CC_BZC
ODC_CC_C2M3Materials and Resources: LCA and Sourcing of Raw MaterialsODC_CC_C2M3
ODC_CC_C2M4Materials and Resources: Material Ingredients and EmissionsODC_CC_C2M4
ODC_CC_C5M3Monitoring-Based and Envelope CommissioningODC_CC_C5M3
ODC_CC_OEBOntario's Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Large BuildingsODC_CC_OEB
ODC_CC_C1M3Project Design and the Integrated Design ProcessODC_CC_C1M3
ODC_CC_BLC20_1READY, SET, RECOVER: Reigniting Canada's EconomyODC_CC_BLC20_1
ODC_CC_RRCRed River College Innovation CentreODC_CC_RRC
ODC_CC_C4M4Renewable and Green Energy CreditsODC_CC_C4M4
ODC_CC_REZCRenewable Energy and Zero Carbon BuildingsODC_CC_REZC
ODC_CC_BLC20_4RETROFITS: Beyond Energy EfficiencyODC_CC_BLC20_4
ODC_CC_RV4Reviewer Tips for LEED v4ODC_CC_RV4
ODC_CC_SUSSustainability on An Urban ScaleODC_CC_SUS
ODC_CC_VRFThe Role of VRF Technology in Zero Carbon BuildingsODC_CC_VRF
ODC_CC_ZCV2Understanding the Zero Carbon Building Standard v2ODC_CC_ZCV2
ODC_CC_OEWUsing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for Ontario's EWRBODC_CC_OEW
ODC_CC_VFHVancouver Fire Hall 17 - a Zero Carbon program pilot projectODC_CC_VFH
ODC_CC_EUIWhy do EUI and Peak Demand Matter for Zero Carbon Buildings?ODC_CC_EUI
ODC_CC_WIG20Women in Green: "Diverse Voices. United Action"ODC_CC_WIG20
ODC_CC_ZCTPZero Carbon Transition PlanODC_CC_ZCTP