On Demand Courses (online)

Finding time for professional development can be a challenge. CaGBC offers on-demand courses that are delivered to your desktop at your convenience. One to one and a half hours in length, these sessions are co-developed and delivered by experienced professionals.

Our Current Course Listing Includes:

Product CodeTitle
ODC_CC_BDC*Building Design and Construction Exam Prep CourseODC_CC_BDC
ODC_CC_GA*Green Associate Exam Prep CourseODC_CC_GA
ODC_CC_CEH10 Common Missteps for Reduced Mercury in Lamps in IDc1ODC_CC_CEH
ODC_CC_MRPA New Rating System for Midrise Residential ProjectsODC_CC_MRP
EN_ODC_RNZA Road Map to Net-Zero Carbon for CampusesEN_ODC_RNZ
ODC_CC_RETA Roadmap for Large Building Retrofits in CanadaODC_CC_RET
ODC_CC_ALPAchieving the Light Pollution Credit in LEED v4ODC_CC_ALP
ODC_CC_DLWAddressing Daylighting in LEED v4 and WELLODC_CC_DLW
ODC_CC_HPBBuilding a LEEDv4 Platinum Home Bundle (4 hours)ODC_CC_HPB
ODC_CC_CSRBuilding Better: Corporate Social ResponsibilityODC_CC_CSR
ODC_CC_BEPBuilding the Envelope for LEEDv4 Homes Platinum ProjectODC_CC_BEP
ODC_CC_CRISPCommercial Real Estate:Implementing a Sustainability ProgramODC_CC_CRISP
ODC_CC_SCP_ECore Concepts of Sustainable Community PlanningODC_CC_SCP_E
ODC_CC_CEJDeclaring Environmental Impacts of Products: PCRs to EPDsODC_CC_CEJ
ODC_CC_DNZDesigning to Net Zero with a Net Zero ScheduleODC_CC_DNZ
ODC_CC_ISPDisclosure Disconnect: Sustainability in Property PlanningODC_CC_ISP
ODC_CC_EBOMDriving Change in Existing Buildings: LEEDv4 O+ M Case StudyODC_CC_EBOM
ODC_CC_LPCEconomic Analysis Within LEED v4: A New Pilot CreditODC_CC_LPC
ODC_CC_EEPEnergy Efficiency for a LEED V4 Homes Platinum ProjectODC_CC_EEP
ODC_CC_EPDEPDs for the Construction IndustryODC_CC_EPD
ODC_CC_GHMGoogle's Healthy Materials Program: Lessons LearnedODC_CC_GHM
ODC_CC_CEAGreen Building in Canada: Assessing Market ImpactsODC_CC_CEA
ODC_CC_SWR_EGreen Building Trends in CanadaODC_CC_SWR_E
ODC_CC_GSLGreenScreen & LEED v4: Specifying Healthy Building MaterialsODC_CC_GSL
ODC_CC_GESGGRESB: Assessing the ESG performance of Global Real EstateODC_CC_GESG
ODC_CC_HWBHealth and Wellness Course Bundle (6 hours)ODC_CC_HWB
ODC_CC_FLWHealthier Environments: Furniture Leading the WayODC_CC_FLW
ODC_CC_SWN_EHow to Earn the New LCA Credit for Canadian LEED v4 ProjectsODC_CC_SWN_E
ODC_CC_CCAHVAC and Architectural Interaction-New Rules of ThumbODC_CC_CCA
ODC_CC_MVImprove Building Performance Using an Effective M&V ProgramODC_CC_MV
ODC_CC_ZCSIntroduction to CaGBCs Zero Carbon Building StandardODC_CC_ZCS
ODC_CC_IEBIntroduction to Energy BenchmarkingODC_CC_IEB
ODC_CC_IGRESBIntroduction to GRESB: Real Estate, Debt, InfrastructureODC_CC_IGRESB
ODC_CC_ISCRIntroduction to Sustainability in Commercial Real EstateODC_CC_ISCR
ODC_CC_SWP_EIntroduction to the Canadian ACPsODC_CC_SWP_E
ODC_CC_ICLIntroduction to the Changes in LEED v4ODC_CC_ICL
ODC_CC_SWO_EKicking Toxic Chemicals Out of Our BuildingsODC_CC_SWO_E
ODC_CC_LDPLEED for Existing Buildings Using the Dynamic PlaqueODC_CC_LDP
ODC_CC_HPDLEED v4 and Health Product DeclarationsODC_CC_HPD
ODC_CC_CDALEED v4 Case Study: CaGBC Vancouver Office ProjectODC_CC_CDA
ODC_CC_CCSLEED v4 Core Concepts and StrategiesODC_CC_CCS
ODC_CC_CEDLEED V4 Course Bundle (9 hours)ODC_CC_CED
ODC_CC_LVCLEED V4 for Contractors: Materials and Resources TipsODC_CC_LVC
ODC_CC_BPDOLEED v4's BPDO and Low Emitting Materials CreditsODC_CC_BPDO
ODC_CC_CEGLEED v4: Secrets to a Well-Commissioned EnvelopeODC_CC_CEG
ODC_CC_CELLife Cycle Cost AnalysisODC_CC_CEL
ODC_CC_CEBMaintaining your Green Associate Bundle (16.5 hours)ODC_CC_CEB
ODC_CC_CECMaintaining your LEED AP BD+C Bundle (7 hours)ODC_CC_CEC
ODC_CC_CEFMaterials Matter: A Contractor's Experience with LEED v4ODC_CC_CEF
ODC_CC_MHPMaterials used in a LEED v4 Homes Platinum ProjectODC_CC_MHP
ODC_CC_IEQMonitoring for Human Performance and IEQ in BuildingsODC_CC_IEQ
ODC_CC_TBLMore than a Tagline: Using the Triple Bottom LineODC_CC_TBL
ODC_CC_MCCNet Zero, Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget: Mosaic CentreODC_CC_MCC
ODC_CC_OEBOntario's Mandatory Energy Benchmarking for Large BuildingsODC_CC_OEB
ODC_CC_LIDOvercoming Low Impact Development Barriers in StormwaterODC_CC_LID
ODC_CC_CEKProtecting Canadian Homes and Buildings from Toxic Radon GasODC_CC_CEK
ODC_CC_WTDPursuing WELL: A Tale of Perspective and PartnershipODC_CC_WTD
ODC_CC_SSHWSetting the Standard for Health and Wellness:LEEDv4 and WELLODC_CC_SSHW
ODC_CC_SBSmart Buildings:The Future of Green Building TechnologyODC_CC_SB
ODC_CC_SPVSolar PV Analysis with RETScreenODC_CC_SPV
ODC_CC_SHSustainability and Heritage: Protecting our Past and FutureODC_CC_SH
ODC_CC_CSBSustainability in Commercial Real Estate BundleODC_CC_CSB
ODC_CC_CREESustainability in Commercial Real Estate: Energy & EmissionsODC_CC_CREE
ODC_CC_SUSSustainability on An Urban ScaleODC_CC_SUS
ODC_CC_CEESustainable Communities Bundle (9 hours)ODC_CC_CEE
ODC_CC_CEP_ESustainable Community Energy PlanningODC_CC_CEP_E
ODC_CC_SWM_ESustainable Solid Waste Management PlanningODC_CC_SWM_E
ODC_CC_SMM_ESustainable Water and Stormwater ManagementODC_CC_SMM_E
ODC_CC_TWCWTaking the Waste Out of Construction WasteODC_CC_TWCW
ODC_CC_TWBTall Wood Building Case Study: UBC’s Brock CommonsODC_CC_TWB
ODC_CC_DHBThe Drive Toward Healthy Buildings in CanadaODC_CC_DHB
ODC_CC_TDDTop Down Drivers: World Politics and Local MarketsODC_CC_TDD
ODC_CC_CEIUnderstanding the Ebbs and Flows of Stormwater ManagementODC_CC_CEI
ODC_CC_IPDUsing Integrated Project Delivery to Build GreenerODC_CC_IPD