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Green Raters provide in-the-field verification services for each and every LEED for Homes Project. Responsibilities on any given project include an initial meeting, a pre-drywall inspection and a final inspection.

Green Raters assist in the preparation of the three forms required for each project submission. In most cases, they also complete the energy model, perform the required blower door testing, and may complete other optional testing. They are not involved in the design or construction of the project.

Each Green Rater must have a business relationship with a Provider. An existing relationship is not required and the CaGBC can introduce you to a number of Providers interested in working with Green Raters in Training – contact LEED Canada for Homes.

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The process of becoming a Green Rater
Training details
Exam details
Green Rater Mentorship details
Ensuring your Green Rater Certificate remains active

The process of becoming a Green Rater

To ensure the quality of service provided by LEED for Homes Green Raters, we require a rigorous set of qualifications. Take a look at the candidate handbook for exam policies and procedures. You can also read the Guide to LEED for Homes Green Rater Eligibility Qualifications for more information.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Complete the Green Rater Eligibility Qualification process.
  2. Complete the two-part Green Rater training.
    Part 1: Full series of self-guided online learning modules (approximately five hours).
    Part 2: Instructor-led, two-day LEED for Homes Green Rater Workshop (two full days).
  3. Pass the Green Rater exam.
    Note: upon passing the exam, candidates will be recognized with a Green Rater in training status.
  4. Establish an agreement with a LEED for Homes provider organization.
  5. Complete the Green Rater mentorship within 24 months of passing the exam. After completing the mentorship, you will receive your LEED for Homes Green Rater certificate.
  6. Maintain your Certificate in active status by verifying a minimum of two projects every two years.

Training details

The two-part LEED for Homes Green Rater Training is designed to prepare qualified participants to provide verification services on LEED for Homes projects, and is the second step in earning the LEED for Homes Green Rater Certificate.

The full course includes:

Part 1: Self Guided Online Learning Modules

1.1 Becoming a LEED for Homes Green Rater
1.2 Green Rater Roles and Responsibilities
1.3 Technical Strategies for LEED for Homes
1.4 Multifamily and Production Home Projects
1.5 Green Rater Tools and Resources

Part 2: LEED for Homes Green Rater Workshop

  • Two-day, instructor-led workshop

Note: when you register for the Green Rater workshop, you are registering for both Parts 1 and 2 of the Green Rater training. Access to Part 1 will be emailed to you once your registration is confirmed.

Exam details

The application fee is $50 USD, and the exam fee is $250 USD (per exam appointment).

For exam policies and procedures, read the candidate handbook.

Green Rater Mentorship details

After you pass the Green Rater exam, you will have two years to complete a mentorship with a current Green Rater and a provider quality assurance designee (QAD). The mentorship requires you to do the following:

  • Participate in two preliminary ratings (the mentor must participate in both meetings, whether in person or by phone).
  • Conduct two pre-drywall and two final verification visits (the first visit of each verification type must be supervised in person by the mentor).
  • Prepare two project submittal packages (reviewed by a QAD in accordance with LEED for Homes program requirements).
  • Submit mentorship documentation for review.

Click here to access the Green Rater Mentorship Completion Form.

Ensuring your Green Rater Certificate remains active

Once the Green Rater Certificate is earned, active status is maintained by rating a minimum of two LEED for Homes projects in each two year time period. Active status must be maintained in order to continue rating LEED for Homes projects.

All Green Raters work with LEED for Homes Provider Organizations to complete the verification process for each LEED for Homes project. Providers provide quality assurance oversight for each Green Rater. LEED for Homes Providers are local organizations selected by CaGBC based on demonstrated experience and expertise in supporting builders in the construction of high-performance, sustainable homes in their market.