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Building Actionable Solutions to Climate Change: Together we will outline how the building sector can contribute to meeting national climate change targets of a 30 per cent reduction by 2030; show how the building sector is providing specific solutions in Canada and abroad; and balance these plans with a holistic approach to buildings and social sustainability as pathways of wider engagement.

The following streams will form the continuing education component of the event:

STREAM 1 Getting to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Net zero carbon buildings, homes and neighbourhoods are a must if Canada is to meet its climate change commitments. This stream provides details and insight into the new CaGBC Net Zero Carbon Standard. The stream complements the Net Zero Summit* with information about how to get to net zero carbon buildings. Leading Canadian and international examples of successful Net Zero Carbon and low energy buildings, homes and neighbourhoods will be showcased along with insight into how we can scale up the number of building construction and retrofits meeting low carbon targets including federal/provincial policy, incentive and/or financing programs featuring domestic and international speakers.

*All delegates interested in attending this stream are encouraged to attend the pre-conference Summit – details coming soon.

STREAM 2 Targeted Actions for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings are critical in reducing carbon emissions from the building sector and stimulating the economy. Building on the CaGBC’s proposal to reduce 40% of GHGs from existing buildings, this stream will focus on how these GHG savings can best be realized including operations, deep retrofit, renewable energy options and fuel switching. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of federal and provincial policies under development for existing buildings, get insight into energy, reporting and benchmarking policies and best practices from leading jurisdictions in Canada and the United States, and hear from experts on innovative projects to achieve low carbon performance in existing buildings.

STREAM 3 Commercial Real Estate is Meeting the Climate Change Challenge

Commercial real estate owners and investors play an important role in achieving a low carbon future. This stream will focus on the evolution and future path of green commercial real estate in addressing ‘carbon’ as the most pressing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and business issue. We invite presentations that provide solutions for a carbon constrained future shaping the direction of this sector while balancing business objectives and returns on investment. This might include benchmarking and reporting best practices; building performance management and results; investment in advanced building performance such as net zero, LEED v4 Platinum; and health and wellness. We will also consider how other commercial real estate assets such as retail (shopping centres, big box retail), industrial and residential assets can be built to a low carbon standard. The GRESB report for Canada and the trends therein will also be discussed in a designated session.

STREAM 4 Cutting Edge International Innovation

This stream will focus on what we can learn from innovators and projects across the globe to move toward zero carbon and environmental footprint buildings and communities. We look to global design and business leaders to share their ideas, practices, and success stories as it pertains to the development toward “triple zero” (carbon, water, waste) environmentally advanced and resilient buildings and communities. Opportunities to reduce the carbon and environmental footprint and transparency of building materials and products along with resilient and adaptive design and retrofit will be part of this stream providing a path to a sustainable future.

STREAM 5 Large Scale Transformation Toward the Triple Zero City

In the race to reduce or even eliminate GHG emissions while enhancing livability, the City of Vancouver’s Renewable City and Net Zero Building Strategy was the first of its kind. This can serve as an excellent example and deserves significant consideration given increasing trends in urbanization in Canada and globally. This stream will provide delegates with information about new developments, programs and ideas surrounding city scale transformation of the built environment, not just in Vancouver but other jurisdictions who are on the same path. Delegates can learn from Canadian and international leading edge plans, initiatives and projects that strive to achieve zero carbon, water and waste targets through “deep green” buildings design and retrofit along with sustainable infrastructure developments.

INNOVATION CHALLENGE New for Emerging Green Professionals

This year, the CaGBC’s Building Lasting Change conference will feature the thoughts and ideas of some of the industry’s brightest young professionals and future leaders. We invited Emerging Green Professionals (EGPs) to apply for the chance to present at the first annual EGP Innovation Challenge. One session at the conference has been set aside to showcase the innovative concepts, approaches, products, and processes developed by Emerging Green Professionals, after which subject matter experts will provide a few minutes of feedback.


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