EGP Innovation Challenge 2018

Building on the success of our first Innovation Challenge in Vancouver – we’ve selected these creative, innovative and enthusiastic Emerging Green Professionals to join us in Toronto at Building Lasting Change with WorldGBC Congress Canada.

Join us on Thursday, June 7 for a light breakfast and inspiring presentations from these next generation leaders. Show your support as they present their visionary projects and work with a panel of green building industry mentors who then provide on the spot feedback that the EGPs can use to further their careers and fuel their passion for green building industry innovation.

Date: Thursday, June 7
Time: 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Location: Beanfield Centre, Toronto

Limited seating available for this popular event.


Presentation Details

A Northern Centre for Sustainability in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
William Gagnon, Ecology North

William Gagnon is building the Northern Center for Sustainability in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.  The project is a living manifesto of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and for their widespread use as project benchmarks in government, organizations and businesses.  The building is aiming for the Living Building certification, and it would be the first to do so in the circumpolar North.

Healthy Buildings: The Future of Affordable Housing
Joshua Bénard and Lisa Bélanger, Alberta Rural Development Network

The Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI) program was created to develop a process in which CBOs could increase the stock of affordable housing in their community while minimizing risk during development and operations. All of the projects will be net-zero, incorporate the International WELL Building standard and be built using a modular approach. During construction, the ARDN will collect data and document best practices and lessons learned, and publish a step-by-step guide on building cost-effective affordable housing in Canada. We will present on SHI's process and first project which will be built in conjunction with our community partner, YWCA in Banff.

First “Tiny” Step into LEED for Homes
Ethan Borle, Borle Bros. Contracting Corp.

This will be a continuation of a presentation at the 2017 EGP Innovation Challenge entitled Energy Relationships, which sought to explore the concept of a mobile, self-sufficient, tiny house. While that presentation focused on proving the feasibility of using solar energy to provide power for the structure and an associated transportation unit, this year the focus will be on the process of creating a proof of concept while addressing other issues required of a self-sufficient unit such as waste, grey and black water issues and potable water collection and storage, all while creating a pleasant and healthy living environment.

The Next Life of Building Materials
Johanna Becker, University of British Columbia

Today, buildings are torn down after a short life time, while being constructed based on the thought of permanence in a perpetually changing environment. Additionally, the current resource flow is largely linear, based on an imaginary inexhaustible refill of virgin materials resulting in the production of immense amounts of waste that either end up in landfills or incinerators, causing a host of negative consequences. This session envisions a deconstruction hub that is a remedy for the linear building design and resource flow and focuses on the recirculation of building materials, the redefinition of reuse, industry development, and public education. 


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