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The Call for Presentations is now closed.

The program committee is currently reviewing all submissions. Presentations will be announced beginning in April.

The Call for Presentations is now closed. The CaGBC and our national conference and expo partner REALpac look forward to announcing the education program as soon as presentations are confirmed.

We look to our members who are on the forefront of innovation in design, engineering, development and construction to help shape the content of Building Lasting Change which is is renowned for its quality education, networking opportunities, dynamic presenters, and business development potential.

We are happy to offer collaborative workshop-style sessions alongside our traditional education presentation format. Presenters now have the option to submit as an education presentation or a collaborative discussion.

  • Education Presentations: Sessions are 60 minutes in length, comprising of 45-50 minutes of content delivered by up to three speakers and 10-15 minutes of Q&A with the audience. Panel discussions tend to work well in this format. Delegates will be seated in theatre or classroom style seating.
  • NEW: Collaborative Discussions: These 60 minutes workshops or task-oriented sessions include 25 - 30 minutes of content delivered by up to three speakers and 30-35 minutes of delegate engagement and participation. The audience will be seated in round tables in order to facilitate discussion and group work. A moderator/group facilitator is required for these sessions. Applicants will be asked to suggest an individual for this role.

The following five streams will form the continuing education component of the event.

Stream 1 - Green Real Estate: Taking the Lead in Canada

Presented by REALpac

Driven by tenant demand and institutional investors, building owners are at the forefront of the transformation of the commercial real estate sector. The newest sustainability trends and innovations in green real estate in Canada and around the world will be the focus of this session. Presentations will range from the emergence of investor-focused global Green Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) which drives the adoption of green building tools and performance indicators; to the development of mandatory energy benchmarking, reporting disclosure policies and programs to engage building owners across a range of asset classes and building types. Tenant engagement and health and well-being in the workplace are other fast growing trends that offer opportunities for learning. The application of LEED in new asset classes such as retail and industrial projects will also be part of this stream.

Stream 2 - The Climate Change Imperative: Getting to Zero/Low Carbon Buildings

Climate change is back on the government policy agenda with a focus on buildings as a practical and actionable solution to reduce carbon emissions. Many provincial and municipal governments are consulting on or formulating their climate change positions and policies. This will have an impact on the green buildings sector particularly with regard to designing low/zero carbon buildings through enhanced energy efficiency approaches combined with renewable energy technologies and systems. This stream will focus on how to get to net zero or carbon neutral new buildings and district developments through design, technology and energy delivery systems. International examples of successful projects and programs are critical in understanding what progress is necessary and what knowledge and technology is already available to make net zero and carbon neutral buildings a reality in Canada.

Stream 3 - Getting in on the Ground Floor: Health and Well-being Takes Off

Driven by the LEED v4 focus on materials and health, global efforts supported by the WorldGBC and the International WELL Building Institute (with its WELL Building Standard), the interest in health and well-being and green buildings has taken a leap into the consciousness of designers and building owners over the last two years. The WELL Building Standard is identifying new aspirations and ambitious targets to improve the health and well-being at places of work, study and at home. This stream provides an opportunity to learn about the leading projects in Canada with regard to design, implementation and demonstrated benefits to employers, building owners and end users. Understanding of linkages to LEED credits and certified projects along with the availability and performance of materials/products as required under LEED v4 will also be discussed.

Stream 4 - Solutions for Greening the Multi-Residential Sector

Major cities in Canada are seeing an unprecedented wave of new condominium construction with most projects still being built the conventional way. The split incentive along with a lack of knowledge and perception of risk of green building are the main reasons for developers to maintain the status quo. Drawing on leading expertise in Canada and elsewhere, this session will provide some of the solutions to delivering green condo projects. Leading developers across Canada may share how they finance, design, construct and deliver (and sell) best in class green projects across Canada. Governments and utilities can share financing mechanisms, incentive and support programs to engage a larger number of developers.

Stream 5 - International Developments in the Green Building Sector

The global green building market is undergoing a rapid transformation as the private sector realizes major opportunities for investment in tools, products and technologies while policy makers finally see the major opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts with green buildings. Following the introduction of LEED v4, WELL and GRESB, other next generation rating tools and programs such as SITES, PEER and Envision may soon be available in the Canadian market. New approaches to sustainable design and construction such as tall wood buildings, passive houses and carbon positive development are becoming more commonplace. Learn about these new tools and approaches from Canadian and international experts to take advantage of these emerging environmental and business opportunities.

Submissions are currently under review by an independent review committee. All applicants will be notified of the status of their submission by the end of April 2016. All applicants invited to speak at the conference will receive a 50% discount off conference and social event registration fees.

The Call for Presentations is now closed. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Jane Eaton, Senior Events Coordinator at