Hosted in Saskatoon, BUILD SASK GREEN 2018 attendees will learn the importance of reducing global carbon emissions, basic principles surrounding zero carbon building, and key strategies that are being introduced to target Canada's carbon emissions in CaGBC's Zero Carbon Building Standard.


Key benefits of attending BUILD SASK GREEN 2018:

Engage in interactive discussions on how zero carbon applications in new and existing buildings can work toward meeting carbon reduction goals and explore case studies on pilot projects recently completed in Canada, and how they can be applied locally.

Gain an understanding of zero carbon, with particular emphasis on the CaGBC's Zero Carbon Building Standard, including topics on zero carbon balance, a zero carbon transition plan, thermal energy demand intensity, energy use intensity, renewable energy, peak demand, as well as embodied carbon.

Optimize your decision-making through learning how to utilize policy, measurement tools, and available programs to work toward a goal of reducing commercial building emissions, and be equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable you to navigate and implement the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2015 with confidence.

You will learn about key performance characteristics in NECB 2015 from the envelope, to mechanical and lighting, and the flexibility requirements in the code that allow for design trade-offs in instances where requirements may be onerous for certain projects.


BUILD SASK GREEN 2018 will be hosted in Saskatoon at Remai Modern--connecting space and nature in a new museum of modern and contemporary art.


We have created a number of benefits that are easily customized with a la carte options to help provide your organization with promotion and access to key decision makers that matter to you.

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