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Innovation in MURBs

Full-Day Event
November 14 | Le Salon, National Arts Centre (NAC) | Ottawa

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Upcoming Education and Events

November 14
Full Day Innovation in MURBs
Join the CaGBC and NRCan for a full day event that specifically focuses on Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs).
November 14
Half Day Morning - Low Carbon Innovation for Multi-Unit Residential - Morning Session Only
Designers, developers and architects are encouraged to attend this in-depth discussion and exploration of cost-effective innovation for low-carbon multi-residential construction. Presented by CaGBC.
November 14
Half Day Afternoon - Zero Carbon Innovations + Net Zero Renovation Tools for Existing Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
This afternoon session will showcase varied perspectives, present feasible, cost-effective solutions for large-scale energy upgrades to existing building stock and quite possibly, inspire optimism in the face of an unprecedented industry challenge. Presented by NRCan.


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