Make Connections

Opportunities to connect with peers and meet potential mentors are available in every region. Be sure to follow your local Chapter online to make sure you don’t miss any of these great new events.

  • Hackathon: Tackle specific green building challenges in a team environment hosted by CaGBC Education on May 29, 2017 in Vancouver. This is a unique way to work on real-life scenarios, practice and learn with others.
  • Partner Events: Plan to attend our partnered events where you can meet people outside of your regular network and connect with other industry leaders who can help you further your career.
  • Campus Groups: Look for these events ramping up at post-secondary institutions across Canada where green building education, professional development and networking opportunities come together.
  • Legacy Events: Give back to the community by building lasting change in Vancouver this April. Work with community members, industry leaders and other emerging green professionals on a meaningful project that leaves a lasting, positive impact.

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