BGA2019 Presentations

Plenary Presentations

Breakfast, Welcome & Keynote Address
Building as a Conscious Act: Finding Opportunity in Health, Resiliency and Community [PDF: 10.4 MB]
Presented by: Eric Corey Freed, Morrison Hershfield & Organic Architect

Closing Plenary
Accelerating to Zero – Making the Case for Building to Zero Carbon [PDF: 3.3 MB]
Presented by: Fin MacDonald, CaGBC; Antoni Paleshi, WSP

Stream A | Accelerating to Zero

Innovative Solutions for Zero Carbon Buildings [PDF: 5.9 MB]
Presented by: Lisa Westerhoff, Integral; Mike Godawa, Integral

HVAC Design Patterns for Low/Zero Energy and Carbon Buildings [PDF: 5.6 MB]
Presented by: Steve Kemp, RDH

Embodied Carbon – the next Net-Zero? [PDF: 3.7 MB]
Presented by: Keith Robertson, Solterre

Stream B | Retrofits

Market Transformation: The Path for Existing Buildings to a Zero Carbon State [PDF: 4.4 MB]
Presented by: Andrew Penner, BGIS

Retrofit to the Max: Elite Performance is Not Just for New Builds [PDF: 12.1 MB]
Presented by: Aman Hehar, Humber College; Steven Murray, Morrison Hershfield

Net Zero at University of Calgary: MacKimmie Complex Retrofit Case Study [PDF: 8.9 MB]
Presented by: Adam Stoker, University of Calgary

Stream C | Energy Benchmarking

Carbon Drawdown & Storage in Low-Rise Buildings [PDF: 2.9 MB]
Presented by: Chris Magwood, Endeavour

Green and Natural Building for High Impact [PDF: 14.1 MB]
Presented by: Mark Lakeman, The City Repair Project

Energy and Carbon Benchmarking: Perspectives from Ottawa [PDF: 2.4 MB]
Presented by: Carolyn Johanson, WSP

Utilizing Renewable Energy Purchasing Agreement to Meet Climate Goals [PDF: 2.0 MB]
Presented by: Susanne Fratzscher, CFR; Steve Lanou, MIT - Moderated by Rochelle Owen, Dalhousie University