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The CaGBC is Canada’s only member-based organization that is purely dedicated to the advancement of green building across the country. Together, with our members here in Alberta, and the vast network of industry professionals associated with our other six Chapters across the country, we can all play a vital role in the advancement and successful transformation of Canada’s built environment.

In addition to the numerous benefits associated with membership such as discounts on education and events, access to information and Canada’s largest network of green building professionals, your membership plays a valuable role in the Council’s advocacy work and development and deployment of green building education.

NEW! It is easier than ever before for individuals to get involved with the green building industry at the local level. Any employee of a CaGBC member company is entitled to a FREE Chapter membership.

If you are not an employee or a CaGBC member company you can join the Alberta Chapter for just $100. There’s no better way to connect with the industry and support green building in Canada than by becoming an actively involved member.

When you become a Chapter member, in addition to all the great benefits your company receives as a member, you’ll receive:

  • Access to green building professionals and industry information
  • Voting rights at the Chapter level
  • Discounts on education and networking events
  • CaGBC member logo for use on your business card and e-signature
  • Eligibility for Chapter-specific initiatives and opportunities

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The Alberta Chapter - CaGBC seeks to:

Lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Alberta.


A transformed built environment leading to a sustainable future.


The CaGBC was formally founded as a not-for-profit in December 2002. It represents a coalition of public and private building industry leaders, who promote buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, economically viable and healthy places to live and work in.

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The Canada Green Building Council – Alberta Chapter is seeking candidates for the 2017-2018 Chapter Leadership Board. The deadline for applications is February 24, 2017.

Serving on the Chapter Leadership Board is a great way to get further involved in contributing to the transformation of the built environment at the regional level. The Leadership Board establishes regional strategies, initiatives and priorities, and contributes to the advancement of the nationwide mission and strategic goals by working collaboratively with CaGBC staff and the Chapter Advisory Committee (a Committee of the CaGBC Board of Directors), demonstrating strategic leadership, collective decision-making and representing a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

Seats Open for Election and Terms

There are three (3) positions vacant on the Chapter Leadership Board for three-year terms.

About the Chapter Leadership Board

Authority and Accountability

The Chapter Leadership Board exercises the authority delegated by the CaGBC Board of Directors in a manner that respects the nationwide organization’s vision, mission and strategic direction, in accordance with CaGBC bylaws and applicable policies.

Role and Responsibilities

Focusing on strategic issues, the Chapter Leadership Board will:

  • Provide strategic advice and recommendations to the national Board and senior staff about the interests, needs, issues and priorities of their regions (through the Chapter Advisory Committee and CaGBC staff respectively), and advise in the management of regional issues in alignment with nationwide positions.

  • In alignment with the nationwide strategic directions and market development plans, establish regional strategies, initiatives and priorities to reflect the unique needs of each jurisdiction, ensuring these are aligned with nationwide strategic priorities and initiatives as much as possible.

  • Be regional champions by engaging key community leaders and members in green building across the Chapter’s jurisdiction, supporting grassroots involvement and impact; contributing to building and nurturing local partnerships and sponsorship opportunities; and participating in recruitment of new members to the Chapter Leadership Board.

  • Be regional champions and ambassadors for programs, services and, more broadly, for green building, which includes the planning and execution of regional education and networking events; participation in social media initiatives, regional advocacy initiatives and events that promote LEED certified buildings.

  • Are regional champions and ambassadors for green building programs, particularly LEED and other programs as adopted by CaGBC, by advocating and promoting certification, education and related events, and by protecting the CaGBC brand, the LEED and other program brands by bringing any issues or concerns to appropriate staff.

  • Provide advice/counsel and support to CaGBC staff at regular Leadership Board meetings or through the work of committees, including participation in recruitment and/or other succession planning activities for the dedicated Chapter staff.

  • Assist in the delivery of the approved strategic plan activities.





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