Alberta Chapter – Canada Green Building Council Board Elections 2018

Nominations are now closed. 

Member Electronic Election will take place March 27th - April 16th.
*Members in good standing will receive an electronic invitation to participate in the Electronic Election.

Results will be announced April 20th.

What we do! 

The Leadership Board establishes regional strategies, initiatives and priorities, and contributes to the advancement of the nationwide mission and strategic goals by working collaboratively with CaGBC staff and the Chapter Advisory Committee (a committee of the CaGBC Board of Directors), demonstrating strategic leadership, collective decision-making and representing a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

This year, we have four openings on our Leadership Board specific to the following industry segments:
Government, Policy, Academia 
Developer, Builder, Construction 
Real Estate owners, Managers
Production Manufacturing, Suppliers 

Every candidate for the Chapter Leadership Board must meet the following nominating criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a Chapter member of the Canada Green Building Council in good standing.
  • Reside in the region covered by the Chapter.
  • Be willing to commit to the entire term and expectations for the position.
  • Commitment to vision, mission, goals and values of CaGBC.

In addition to the nominating criteria, each Chapter Leadership Board will identify potential member candidates with desirable skills, experience and attributes to fulfill their role and responsibilities, including:

  • Having links to the community through work experience, influence within the green building community and/or connections with influential community members
  • Residing in a variety of urban and rural communities within the region covered by the Chapter
  • Representing a variety of sectors of the green building industry (e.g. architects and interior designers,engineers, contractors, developers, manufacturers, government).

Value Proposition for Serving on the Chapter Leadership Board


  • Participation in the review and/or development of strategies to advance green building at a local/regional and national level;
  • Increased knowledge, understanding of and connection with the green building sector at the local/regional and national levels and with CaGBC;
  • Enhanced leadership and professional profile/ recognition within the green building sector;
  • Networking opportunities and relationship development with individuals that are active and influentialin the green building sector;
  • Professional development as well as introduction to latest developments and trends in the greenbuilding industry;
  • Recognition as a CaGBC Chapter Leader at CaGBC events and meetings (incl. reduced rate orcomplimentary access to CaGBC National Conference).
  • Knowledge and appreciation of green building and/or sustainability issues and/or active participation/involvement in the green building industry.

*Link to Leadership Board Nomination (Application).