Measuring Green Building’s Impact

Green buildings create transformative change in our cities and communities. People living or working in green buildings enjoy better health and are generally more productive while communities benefit from lower energy demands and emissions, and more green spaces.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Green buildings create future-proof jobs. Green building creates jobs that will be in demand for years to come as Canada transitions toward a low-carbon economy.

Green buildings lower carbon emissions. Green buildings offer a proven solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions – helping Canada meet it 2030 climate goals.

Green buildings make good business sense. High-performance zero carbon buildings drive new innovations and deliver a positive financial return on investments.


Creating Opportunity With Green Building

Canada’s green building industry already contributes $47.9B to Canada’s economy and employs almost half a million. Imagine what could happen if governments prioritized green building in the economic stimulus packages being considered today?

CaGBC estimates that investment combined with progressive policy leadership can lead to $150 billion in GDP and 1.5 million direct green building jobs by 2030.


Bring on a Green Recovery

As governments look to reignite Canada’s economy after the pandemic, CaGBC is calling for a green recovery. Industry leaders are already coming forward to support investments in green initiatives that will put Canadians to work and deliver on climate targets.


Foundational Partners


Reigniting Canada’s Economy Through Green Building

As the voice of the green building industry, CaGBC has provided its perspective on how a green recovery could help Canada’s economic recovery.

Many of these recommendations were reflected in the federal government’s September 23, 2020 Speech from the Throne. Read our recommendations and throne speech response, which was supported CaGBC’s foundational partners in a green recovery.

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