Green Building Toolkit

A Guide to Sustainable Communities

Learn more about green buildings through these interactive chapters…

1. Introduction to the Canada Green Building Council
This section will introduce you to the Canada Green Building Council, its advocacy initiatives and milestones and options for membership.
2. Overview of LEED

This section will introduce the LEED certification program, the growth of LEED buildings and policies across Canada, and green building professional accreditation programs.
3. Green Building in Canada
This section will introduce the environmental impact of buildings, define green building, and provide an overview of: green building programs and benefits, the growth of green building in Canada, local challenges and opportunities for advancing green building, and case studies of green buildings across Canada.
4. Business Case for Green Building
In this section you will learn more about the state of green building in Canada, the business case, economic impacts, reported financial benefits, improvements to productivity and health, and understand the costs of ownership.
5. Sustainable Communities
In this section, you will explore the context, strategies and approaches to developing green building policies to advance sustainable communities.
6. Green Building Practices
Coming soon.
7. Greening Existing Buildings
This section provides the rationale for greening existing buildings, benchmarking building energy performance and policy considerations.
8. Market Trends and Drivers
This section positions Canada’s green building industry in the global market, outlines trends and drivers, and areas for accelerating industry growth.


One of the first steps to define priorities around energy with a view to improving building efficiency, cutting emissions and driving economic development is the development and implementation of a community energy plan. Visit to get access to community energy planning resources like the Community Energy Implementation Framework, an online tools to help communities get to implementation.