About Us

The CaGBC Alberta Chapter seeks to lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Alberta.

The CaGBC is Canada’s only member-based organization that is purely dedicated to the advancement of green building across the country. Together, with our members here in Alberta, and the vast network of industry professionals associated across the country, we can all play a vital role in the advancement and successful transformation of Canada’s built environment.

In addition to the numerous benefits associated with membership such as discounts on education and events, access to information and Canada’s largest network of green building professionals, your membership plays a valuable role in the Council’s advocacy work and development and deployment of green building education.

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Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council
Chapter Leadership Board

The Leadership Board establishes regional strategies, initiatives and priorities, and contributes to the advancement of the nationwide mission and strategic goals by working collaboratively with CaGBC staff and the Chapter Advisory Committee (a committee of the CaGBC Board of Directors), demonstrating strategic leadership, collective decision-making and representing a diversity of opinions and perspectives.

Board Members:

Melanie Ross

Integral Group
Seat: Chair

Melanie leads the Sustainability Team in Integral’s Calgary office. In addition to managing projects with green buildings certifications such as LEED and WELL, she develops sustainability policy and planning tools, and act as the key point of contact for the energy modelling and commissioning teams on the energy management portfolio. She also liaises with the mechanical and electrical engineering teams to ensure the holistic integration of sustainability into all aspects of the firm’s work.

Melanie’s work with the CaGBC as a reviewer, faculty and on taskforces gives her intimate knowledge of LEED and WELL project strategies. Combined with her tenure as board member of the Alberta Chapter of the CaGBC, she strives to effect positive change building by building. Her experience in communication and marketing enhances a people-focused skillset.

Melanie is committed to understanding the problem, while balancing social, cost and technical requirements. She strives to make 
sustainability an integral part of a successful and enjoyable project, from start to completion. 


Dr. Doug Brown

MGO Systems

Dr. Brown is a Material Scientist with over ten years of experience in research and prototype development of next-generation green technologies. He holds several patents, is the author of nearly a dozen peer-reviewed publications, and has received numerous academic, industry and research awards. Doug began is academic career at McGill University where he received his B.Sc. in Chemistry with a concentration in atmospheric science and astrophysics. He then led significant research efforts for Carbon Engineering, commercializing technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. He then returned to the academic world to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Calgary where he worked primarily on solar energy generation and storage prior to joining MGO Systems in 2016. Currently, he is in charge of the research and development team and has developed two separate green building technologies that were patented last year and have received almost a half a million dollars in funding in recognition of scientific significance for prototype development and commercialization.

Matt Grace

Integral Group
Seat: Director

Matt is an experienced professional engineer with a proven track record in all aspects of sustainable buildings, infrastructure and communities. He is the Founder and President of Mission Green Buildings, one of the largest engineering consultancy in Alberta that is dedicated to sustainability in the built environment. Matt is committed to a greener built environment and actively promotes the pursuit of LEED. He is a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design + Construction, Interior Design + Construction and Neighborhood Developments. In 2017 he was awarded LEED Fellow designation from Green Business Certification Inc.(GBCI) in recognition of over 10 years of experience and dedication to Green Buildings. 

In addition to his leadership in LEED he became one of the first WELL Accredited Professional in Alberta, has been active in the promotion of the Living Building Challenge for the last 6 years.  As well as being a strong advocate for LEED, Matt also champions net zero energy buildings, health, wellness and building integrated renewable energy systems.

Matt’s work and credibility in the industry has been proven time and time again by his outstanding leadership in the green building movement, and motivates all of us as we continue to create sustainable, healthy and connected communities through the built environment.

Susan Kapetanovic-Marr

Morrison Hershfield
Seat: Director

Susan Kapetanovic-Marr is a Professional Engineer, having earned a B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering and M.A.Sc. in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto, a LEED Accredited Professional in BD+C and O+M, and a member of the CaGBC Sites and Water Technical Advisory Group. Susan has over 8 years of experience working at Morrison Hershfield as Principal and Sustainability Specialist, managing sustainability-focused projects and providing expert guidance to successfully achieve green building certification targets. She is the company team lead of LEED project assessments for the CaGBC, having been involved in the evaluation of hundreds of submissions, and has participated in multiple CaGBC subcommittees for development of technical guidance documents.


Greg MacKenzie

Greg MacKenzie + Associates Consulting Ltd.
Seat: Director

Greg MacKenzie brings a land use planning and urban design perspective to the Chapter, with over 15 years of continuous project experience. As a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional with a Neighbourhood Design specialization (LEED AP+ND), he provides specific expertise in green neighbourhood design and development. For all of his projects, Greg draws on his depth of experience working with private and public-sector clients in Canada, Europe and South East Asia.

With his commitment to sustainable design and development, Greg has been involved in a wide variety of innovative and award-winning projects incorporating leading edge approaches to sustainable development. He has participated in - and led - the research, design, policy development and project management of plans for several large greyfield and brownfield redevelopment areas in downtown Edmonton (including The Quarters and Edmonton’s Downtown North Edge). Planning and design for mixed land uses, development densities, walkability and transit are fundamental considerations of each of these projects. Application of LEED®, and development of “shadow LEED”,
development rating systems to support sustainable development has also been a key consideration in several of these projects.

His memberships in a variety of professional organizations keep him at the forefront of planning and development trends and best practices. Greg is also actively involved in planning education, developing and delivering courses and lectures for the University of Alberta’s planning
and geography programs as well as Faculty of Extension’s Applied Land Use Planning Program.


Juan Monterrosa

City of Edmonton
Seat: Director

Juan Monterrosa is a P.Eng,  LEED accredited professional and a Certified Passive House Consultant.  He is currently the Director of Safety Code, Permits and Inspections at the City of Edmonton after spending his first year and a half implementing the energy code for the City of Edmonton. He acts as a conduit from sustainability strategies and policies to implementation. With over of 11 years of experience working in energy from source to end use he has worked on sustainability project ranging from full neighbourhoods (Southeast False Creek LEED ND), high performing buildings (Reliable Controls Annex and Telus Gardens) to infrastructure projects using ENVISION certification.   

More recently he has worked on the C532 policy for City of Edmonton buildings requiring a thermal energy demand intensity (TEDI) to be used with a reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas savings. With a passion for positive change in the built environment, Juan is continually is looking to collaborate with change makers.


Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane

Souther Alberta Institute of Technologies (SAIT)
Seat: Director

Dr. Oudjehane joined SAIT in 2012 to teach in the Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management and develop applied and scholarly research opportunities that meet the needs of Alberta’s construction industry. With over 20 years experience leading multi-disciplinary projects in R&D, business innovation and, market development and performance evaluation, Dr. Oudjehane works with various stakeholders from government and industry. He holds a PhD in Materials Science Engineering from Blaise Pascal University in France and a graduate diploma in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.


Justin Pockar

City of Calgary
Seat: Director

Justin Pockar, B.Sc, M.ARCH, LEED AP,  is the Energy and Environment Coordinator with The City of Calgary’s Calgary Planning and Development Business Unit. For the past 10 years with the City, he has worked to advise the construction industry on sustainable building practices, manage energy code adoption and training, and has been the liaison between consultants and the Canadian Home Builders Association. Justin is a subject matter expert for the Alberta Climate Change Advisory Panel, and has authored the building envelope chapter in ASHRAE Cold Climate Design Guideline.

Justin has also created a “one permit” process using Building Information Modeling (BIM), and the creation of an Integrated Approvals Process Initiative. Justin has also performed the role of Safety Codes Officer for major commercial projects and residential plans. Justin currently serves on the National Research Council of Canada as the Vice-chair, Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (SCEEB), Chair of the Task Group for Code Coordination, and Vice-chair on Building Envelope.  Justin served as a Director on the Alberta Chapter of the CaGBC from 2009-2012.


Matthew Simard

Clark Builders
Seat: Director 

Matthew Simard is the Project Development Manager, Alternative Energy Solutions with Clark Builders in Edmonton. Matthew Simard specializes in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart lighting design. He works towards improving the status quo of current building practices, energy consumption and energy production. He is also the Co-Founder of SolBird Energy, a company with the same focus as Matthew's consulting practices.

Mathew is the Edmonton chairman of the Emerging Leaders of Solar Energy (affiliated with CanSIA), and a sessional instructor for the Alternative Energy program out of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


Mark Terpstra

Alberta Infrastructure Technical Services Branch

In addition to providing projects with feedback on their green building energy design, Mark works with the Climate Leadership Team within Alberta Infrastructure to investigate and plan the Ministry’s climate goals. Mark brings with him experience in building commissioning, retro-commissioning, and energy audits, that are fundamental to green building design and operation. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy and Environment. He believes in making the necessary changes to our standard practices and to challenge ourselves to adopt new goals. Mark makes this a personal mission by cycling to work, even through the frigid Edmonton winters and being actively involved in workplace and industry groups.