Celebrating green building leadership and excellence

The CAGBC Awards recognize members who have made a significant contribution to the Council’s mission to advance Canada’s green building sector.

Beginning in 2021, regional and national competitions are combined to allow members from every province and territory to compete for all award categories. The new format features expanded recognition opportunities for winners that continue beyond award presentation day.

The Awards are presented annually at Building Lasting Change, Canada’s premier green building industry event. Explore the 2021 CAGBC Award winners.

CAGBC Awards recognize people and projects

The competition provides multiple ways for CaGBC members to share their work and demonstrate their contributions to transforming Canada’s built environment:

The Leadership categories recognize the commitment, vision, creativity, and passion driving the individuals and teams behind the growing success of Canada’s green building sector.

Green Building Excellence categories showcase Canada’s most efficient, effective, and impactful buildings.

The Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project Award recognizes an inspiring student project that demonstrates leadership, innovation, and a creative vision for the future of sustainable design in the field of green building and communities.

Browse the award categories below to choose the right submission path for you. Please note, all nominations must be submitted using the online application platform.



Green Building Champion (Individual)

Leadership Award - Green Building Champion (Individual)

The Green Building Champion Award recognizes a deserving individual for initiatives that demonstrate exceptional achievement in advocating for CaGBC's core interests, programs, and priorities. It may also include work related to commercial enterprise, public interest programs, policies, education, or advocacy that further advances sustainability in Canada. Applicants must clearly display exceptional achievement in advocating for sustainable green buildings within their area of industry.

Green Building Pioneer (Organization)

Leadership Award - Green Building Pioneer (Organization)

The Green Building Pioneer Award recognizes an organization which has demonstrated an innovative approach to the advancement of green building technology, products, capacity building, policy, design, or operations. As a result, the industry, their competitors, customers, and employees are pushed towards continuous improvement ultimately helping the CaGBC achieve its goal of every building greener. Nominees will be known for contributing innovative work, considered ahead of its time, which inspires others in the industry.  Evaluations will consider vision and innovation; success factors; commitment to sustainability; and impact on industry, employees, competitors, and customers.

Emerging Green Leader (Individual)

Leadership Award - Emerging Green Leader (Individual)

The Emerging Green Leader Award recognizes a deserving student or young professional who has made a significant contribution to advocating, educating, or practicing green building and/or community development. This individual is recognized as a leader among their peers and has a strong commitment to green building, the environment, and positive change. Only Emerging Green Professional (EGP) members in good standing are eligible for this award. An EGP is either a full-time student or 30 years of age or younger with a passion for green building. This award is presented to an individual who is a member of a regional Chapter or an employee of a corporate member company. Evaluations will consider: demonstrated leadership among peers; potential for leadership; and, commitment to sustainability.

Inspired Educator (Individual or Organization)

Leadership Award - Inspired Educator (Individual or Organization)

The Inspired Educator Award recognizes a deserving institution (represented by an engaged faculty and/or staff member) for educating learners in sustainable design, green building, operations, and/or real estate development at a post-secondary academic institution. The recipient fosters passion and success in their students by delivering "sustainable" content with the desire to better educate the next generation of green building professionals. Teams, departments, organizations, or individuals may apply on behalf of the institution. Evaluations will consider how the academic institution successfully delivered education/curriculum of sustainable design, green building, green operations, or green real estate; and, how the post-secondary incorporated the ever evolving green building industry into their curriculum. 

Government Leadership (Individual or Organization)

Leadership Award - Government Leadership (Individual or Organization)

The Government Leadership Award recognizes a deserving individual, team, department, or organization that has developed policies and/or programs to advance green building in Canada. The recipient has shown leadership in working within the public sector to effect change and improve performance in sustainable building practices, such as the adoption of a leading green building standard or the implementation of an innovative, sustainable infrastructure project. Applicants must clearly demonstrate how the office or department adopted a policy for greening buildings; explain any green building policies or programs developed; and/or, show how they demonstrated leadership by setting ambitious green building goals for other departments, or governments to follow.

The Ed  Lim Technical Expertise Volunteer (Individual)

Leadership Award - Technical Expertise Volunteer (Individual)

The Ed Lim Technical Expertise Volunteer Award is presented to an individual who has generously dedicated considerable time and shared their expertise in an advisory capacity towards the advancement of green building in Canada. The recipient is highly regarded as a subject matter expert, serving as a member of one (or more) of the Council’s volunteer committees. Their contributions to the planning, review, and execution of industry specific initiatives positively influence the productivity and effectiveness of the committee’s work. Committees may include: Technical Advisory Groups, Steering Committees, Building Lasting Change Program Committee, Product of the Year Jury, Greenest School in Canada Jury. Evaluations will consider degree of expertise; demonstrated commitment and reliability; commitment to sustainability; influence on committee; and contributions to success.

New Construction – Commercial or Institutional

Green Building Excellence -  New Construction (Commercial or Institutional)

The New Construction Award is presented to the team responsible for a new commercial or institutional (hospital, government building or academic institution) project which demonstrates optimal building operations, performance, and occupant satisfaction. Canadian new construction projects registered for, or certified by, a recognized green building standard or rating system are eligible. Deep retrofit* projects are eligible in this category. This award focuses on the design stage of the building and the choices made in order to achieve the sustainability goals. Construction completion date must be after January 1, 2019 (two years prior to award submission) or a deep retrofit done in the last two years. The evaluation will consider energy and GHG reduction features; occupant health and wellness; water conservation resources; site selection; and innovation. *Deep Retrofit definition: * A deep retrofit to an existing building includes extensive alteration work in addition to work on the exterior shell of the building and/or primary structural components and/or the core and peripheral MEP (mechanical – electrical – plumbing). Typically, the extent and nature of the work is such that the primary function space cannot be used for its intended purpose while the work is in progress and where a new certificate of occupancy is required before the work area can be reoccupied. Please note that a “major renovation” as defined by LEED or a “deep retrofit” as defined by NRCan would fit into the New Construction category.

Existing Building – Commercial or Institutional

Green Building Excellence – Existing Building (Commercial or Institutional)

The Existing Building Award is presented to the team responsible for a commercial or institutional (hospital, government building or academic institution) project which demonstrates continuous improvement in building operation, performance, and occupant satisfaction. Canadian existing building projects registered for, or certified by, a recognized green building standard or rating system are eligible. Projects that have recently undergone minor retrofits* are eligible for this category. The project should demonstrate a commitment to sustainability with good practices in several key aspects. The evaluation will consider energy and GHG reduction features; occupant health and wellness; water conservation resources; commitment to sustainability; and staff awareness. * Minor Retrofits definition: *For the purposes of this award category, minor retrofits would include roof replacement, lighting overhaul, window glazing replacement, or a similar level of intervention. 

Inspiring Home

Green Building Excellence – Inspiring Home

The Inspiring Home Award is presented to the team responsible for outstanding achievements of a high-performing, sustainable residential project in Canada. This award can be presented to homes (single-family homes, duplexes and townhomes) or multi-family residential (mid-rise up to three stories, high-rise of four stories or more). The winning project demonstrates a healthy and sustainable living environment for people, contributes to the betterment of the community, and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability with best practices in a broad range of sustainability criteria including affordability and accessibility. This award is open to newly constructed residential projects completed after January 1, 2019, at the latest two years prior to award submission date. Canadian new construction projects registered for, or certified by, a recognized green building standard or rating system are eligible and must clearly show how they respond to all award performance categories. The evaluation will consider energy and GHG reduction; water conservation and efficiency; occupant health and wellness; and overall commitment to sustainability. 

Tenant Improvement

Green Building Excellence – Tenant Improvement

The Tenant Improvement Award is presented to the team responsible for an outstanding interior space that embraces the philosophy that high-performing green spaces can: create healthy, productive places to work; have a reduced environmental footprint; and, cost less to operate and maintain. The winning project also provides an overall positive impact on the occupants' wellness. Eligible projects must have been completed after January 1, 2019, two years prior to award submission. The evaluation will consider energy and GHG reduction features; occupant health and wellness; water conservation resources; and innovation.

Zero Carbon

Green Building Excellence – Zero Carbon

The Zero Carbon Award is presented to the team responsible for a new or existing building that demonstrates climate leadership through optimal building performance and innovative carbon reduction strategies. The evaluation will consider design and retrofit strategies; incorporated on-site renewable energy; impact on EUI; peak load management measures; efforts taken to reduce the embodied carbon of the building; fossil fuels.

The Students Leading Sustainability: Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award

The Students Leading Sustainability: Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award

The Students Leading Sustainability: Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award is presented in memory of Andy Kesteloo, a visionary green building advocate, who shared his commitment for a sustainable earth with humour, insight and passion. The objective of the Award is to recognize a student project that demonstrates leadership, innovation, inspiration and a creative vision for the future of sustainable design in the field of green building and communities. Click here for the unique nomination criteria, details and timeline for the 2021 Students Leading Sustainability Award.


2021 Winners

New Construction:
Sponsored by Morguard


Winner: MEC Vancouver – This mixed-use mass timber building at the gateway of Vancouver’s Olympic Village embodies the values of MEC and its customers. In addition to impressive water reuse and conservation elements, the project’s thoughtful design means that it contributes nearly twice as much energy to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility as it consumes.

Honourable mention, Humber College, Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation

Lunch'n'Learn: September 28, 2021 - register now. 


Existing Building:

Winner: 25 York Street, Toronto – This LEED EB:O+M Platinum building in downtown Toronto not only sets an exceptionally high bar in greenhouse gas, energy and water performance, it goes the extra mile in committing to the well-being of its occupants and in empowering tenants to help the building achieve its sustainability goals.


Inspiring Home:
Sponsored by Enbridge


Winner: The Confluence, Summer Village of Waiparous, Alberta – This residence on a previously developed site helped push the residential marketplace towards environmentally friendly products and manufacturer transparency. Its net positive energy and water performance is especially impressive given the location’s extreme climate.


Zero Carbon:
Sponsored by Entuitive


Winner: AMPED Sports Lab and Ice Complex, Ottawa – The AMPED project provides a shining example of how even a commercial building with an energy-intensive use in an extreme climate can lower its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 90%. AMPED achieved this by using an advanced predictive learning software, a building and ice plant automation system, energy retrofits, custom build and design strategies, the removal of combustion fuels through electrification, and renewable energy generation technologies.


Green Building Champion:
Sponsored by Oxford Properties Group


Winner: Lisa Bate, Global Sustainability Lead + Advance Strategy, Principal at B+H Architects – One of Canada’s global sustainable design ambassadors, Lisa has for decades brought her diverse expertise to a number of organizations. At B+H she has led pioneering projects like the Zero Carbon Building Standard-certified Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation. She has also been featured in media coverage regarding topics from the ROI of green building practices and advancing carbon neutrality, to gender parity and building resilient cities and structure in a post-COVID world. Additionally, she has served as Chair for both the WorldGBC and CaGBC and was a representative to the UN’s Environment Programme—Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative.


Green Building Pioneer:
Sponored by Enwave


Winner: mcCallumSather - mcCallumSather exemplifies the definition of a pioneer, breaking new ground and helping grow a broader understanding of sustainable building practices. Over 25 years, the firm has built an impressive Southern Ontario portfolio, with both lower-profile projects which were often the first LEED-certified building in a municipality, to more prestigious projects that to this day push the boundaries of sustainable and efficient design.


Emerging Green Leader:
Sponsored by DIALOG


Winner: Arman Mottaghi - Co-founder and CEO of Properate, a Vancouver start-up that uses artificial intelligence to help homebuilders create cost- and energy-efficient building designs, Arman is already a thought leader and innovator in the green building space. Through Lambda, he has developed partnerships with five B.C. cities and helped more than 200 builders build more energy-efficient homes. He showcases his leadership as a Board Director for the BC Sustainable Energy Association and has conducted over 40 green building webinars in 2020 alone.


Government Leadership:
Sponsored by Stantec


Winner: Ben Henderson, City of Edmonton - As Council Chair of the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) program of FCM, Councillor Ben Henderson has provided exceptional leadership and guidance during a time of significant growth for funding allocations to green building capital projects and municipal capacity building. During his tenure, Ben has facilitated the provision of millions of dollars to Canadian communities, enabling investments in green initiatives, and been a stabilizing force as the liaison between GMP council and FCM’s Executive committee.

Inspired Educator:

Winner: Zero Energy Buildings Learning Centre at the British Columbia Institute of Technology -Created to support the construction industry’s transition to the new BC Energy Step Code and new City of Vancouver Zero Emissions Building bylaws, ZEBLC provides a full suite of training courses that are short and hands-on. This past year as part of the pandemic response, they transitioned from their unique classroom with 25 full-scale building assemblies to an online offering. Despite this disruption, more than 500 individuals have benefited from live construction demonstrations and lectures broadcast by the Centre since March 2020.

Ed Lim Technical Expertise Volunteer Award:

Winner: Susan Kapetanović-Marr - Susan is a long-standing, dedicated volunteer who goes the extra mile to provide the expertise needed to continually advance sustainable buildings in Canada. Director of Sustainability with Canderel and a professional engineer in Alberta, she has been an active CaGBC volunteer for a decade, starting with the Sites-Water Technical Advisory Group in 2011, a committee that she continues advise to this day. Susan also provides her extensive knowledge to the USGBC’s Water Efficiency TAG and their Location and Transportation TAG. Additionally, she recently joined the International WELL Building Institute’s Water Advisory Group and joined the LEED Canada Steering Committee in 2020 to provide broader market and technical insight for CaGBC’s green building programs.

Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project Award:

Winner: Lindsey Kent, University of Calgary - This fourth year Civil Engineering student project focuses on the redevelopment of Rundle Manor, an affordable housing complex in northeast Calgary. Judges noted the project’s technical sophistication, especially the depth of engineering considerations, designed with a practical eye to today's construction industry and code framework, as well as the community’s need.


Lifetime Achievement Award:
Sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric


Winner: Vivian Manasc, Principal Architect, Reimagine –CaGBC’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Vivian Manasc, for her contributions to green building in Alberta and across Canada. For the past 35 years, Vivian has led integrated sustainable design teams with Reimagine (formerly Manasc Isaac, which she co-founded) for a wide variety of projects, frequently working in partnership with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities to deliver buildings that reflect the spirit and needs of these communities. Vivian’s trailblazing nature helped the firm score Alberta’s first LEED Certified building, and the first LEED Gold building in the Arctic. Her work beyond the firm has included co-founding the long-standing Alberta Sustainable Buildings Symposium, serving as President of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, and co-founding the Canada Green Building Council. She was recognized for her leadership in green building with the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2017.




  • are either a Green Building Catalyst, Specialist or Advocate member company of the CaGBC or an individual member of a regional Chapter;
  • have made a significant contribution to the CaGBC vision and mission;
  • have demonstrated success in advancing green building (new or existing) and/or sustainable communities, policies and practices in Canada;
  • exemplify leadership and commitment to sustainability and actively advocate and/or are involved in changing current practices and approaches;
  • are not current members of the CaGBC Board of Directors and/or have not been on the Board for at least two years from the time of the award presentation;
  • are not current paid staff member at CaGBC or any CaGBC Chapters and/or have not been a paid staff member for at least two years from the time of the award presentation;
  • are well-known in the industry for their contributions; and
  • can be repeat applicants but not award recipients from previous years. *Please note that this stipulation only pertains to past winners in the following categories: Green Building Champion, Emerging Green Leader, Inspired Educator, Government Leadership, Ed Lim Technical Expertise Volunteer, and Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award.



News Release - All winners will be announced via a news release distributed to CaGBC’s network of close to 25,000 recipients. All subsequent announcements will be distributed to this significant audience and winners are encouraged to share the news as well.
Commemorative videos - All winners can prepare a brief acceptance video which will be combined with a brief award sponsor presentation to create a commemorative video which will be promoted and posted to the online gallery.
In-person award presentations - Abiding all Covid-19 restrictions on public events and gatherings, small scale events may be held. Further information to be announced.
Leadership recipients - All Leadership category winners will be featured in a special series of in-depth Ask the Expert interviews facilitated by each Leadership award sponsor. These interviews will be shared to the CaGBC’s distribution list of approximately 25,000 industry professionals. The schedule for this special series of activities will be posted in August, 2021.
Green Building Excellence recipients - All Green Building Excellence award winners will have the opportunity to host a Virtual Lunch and Learn webinar, facilitated by the Excellence award sponsor. These webcasts will be promoted to the CaGBC’s distribution list of approximately 25,000 industry professionals. The schedule for this special series of events will be posted in August, 2021.
The Trophy - Worthy of display, a beautiful trophy will be presented to the winners (one per award). If the presentation is being conducted virtually, the trophy will be shipped in advance. If an in-person ceremony is possible, the trophy will be presented to the recipient at the event.


For more information about these CaGBC Awards,
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