2017 Board Election Results

Thank you to our members for their support and participation in this year's electronic Board election. The following candidates have been elected by electronic means and will begin their term once they are approved at the Annual General Meeting on May 30, 2017, as per the CaGBC Bylaws:

Conrad Schartau (second term)
Chief Operations Officer & Executive Vice-President,  Integral Group, Inc 
Seat: Professional Firms

Joanne Perdue (second term)
Chief Sustainability Officer, University of Calgary
Seat: Academia and Research

Stephen Smith (first term)
Managing Director Western Canada, Manulife Real Estate
Seat: At Large

Veronica Silva (first elected term)
Director General, Technical Services Real Property Branch
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Seat: Government and Policy    

Continuing Directors

Andrew McAllan, Head of Real Estate Management
Oxford Properties
Seat: Real Estate Owners and Developers

Joanne McCallum, Director
McCallum Sather Architects Inc
Seat: Professional Firms

Marten Duhoux, Principal
Ft3  Architecture Landscape Interior Design
Seat: Chapter Advisory Board

Peter Papagiannis, COO
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions
Seat: Real Estate Owners and Developers            

Rob Otway, Vice President and District Manager
PCL Construction Management Inc.
Seat: Constructors, Builders, Home Builders, Trade Constructors

Wayne DeAngelis, Architect, Instructor BCIT,
Past President , RAICRAIC/Architecture Canada
Seat: Non-profit Organizations and Industry Associations

Appointment – one year term

John Pontarollo, Senior Vice President
CRH Canada Group Inc.
Product Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retail