The CaGBC is pleased to announce that Kiko Water Systems is the winner of our 2017 Green Building Product of the Year Award for their Water Systems Cartridges.
The company was on hand to receive the award at the Building Lasting Change 2017 Gala Dinner on May 31, presented by Shyam Ramrekha, Product Manager,
UL Environment, the sponsor of the Award.

“We are honoured that Kiko Water Systems has won the CaGBC 2017 Product of the Year Award,” says Jeff Addison, Managing Director, Kiko Water Systems. “Not only did the CaGBC acknowledge the dramatic results that we have been able to achieve in HVAC energy reduction, they also recognized the importance of how we deliver our technology. Since we started, our mission has been to provide clients with an easy, effective way to reduce GHG emissions, extend equipment lifespans, lower operating costs and monitor equipment performance without disruption. By being recognized by the CaGBC, we are able to further our mission and create a more sustainable future. Thank you to CaGBC for this recognition."

A green building product that uses nanotechnology to reduce GHG emissions

Product submissions were assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application.

Kiko Water Systems Cartridges was chosen by the jury because of their ability to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at a minimal capital expense and disruption to the owner, along with a short payback period. The product’s applicability was also noted, with the ability to be implemented in a broad spectrum of building types including new and existing buildings.

As a nanotechnology that is green and not chemical, Kiko Water Systems Cartridges make boilers, chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and heat pumps all operate more efficiently. Not only are buildings with their technology installed saving an average of over 20 per cent of their HVAC energy consumption, it allows building equipment to not work as hard, which reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment lifespan. Kiko has installed their proprietary technology in hundreds of HVAC systems spanning millions of square feet, and boasts a 100 per cent success rate for reducing energy consumption. This has led to GHG emissions reductions in large commercial, residential and hotel towers since 2013.


Kiko’s technology weakens hydrogen bonding in H2O, lowers the specific heat capacity and surface tension of water and improves thermal exchange. Their real time monitoring system measures points every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day and access to their online dashboard gives clients the ability to follow along with the performance improvements and resulting energy savings in real time. This data can also be easily shared with third parties for a transparent and accurate measurement and verification process.

Other performance features of Kiko Water Systems Cartridges include:

  • Reduces operational time and costs;
  • Reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint;
  • Improves sensor accuracy;
  • Reduces waste water;
  • Increases system efficiency and extends equipment life;
  • Reduces filter changes;
  • Functions without the requirement of a power source; and
  • Improves system reaction time.


Want to learn more?
View the video below to hear more about Kiko Water Systems.