The CaGBC is pleased to announce that LiteZone™ Glass Inc. has been named the winner of our 2016 Green Building Product of the Year Award for their LiteZone™ Glass Units.
The company received the award at the Building Lasting Change 2016 Gala Dinner on June 8 in Toronto.

"We are honoured that LiteZone™ has won the Canada Green Building Council's 2016 Product of the Year Award," says Greg Clarahan, President and CEO of LiteZone™ Glass Inc. "LiteZone™ is a new kind of insulating glass that can greatly improve the insulating value of windows and thereby make an important contribution to the design of high performing green buildings and to a more sustainable future. After years of development and with LiteZone™ only recently making its market debut, it is truly gratifying to receive this prestigious recognition."

An innovative green product that demonstrates performance and longevity

Product submissions were assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application.

LiteZone™ Glass Units were chosen by the jury because the product addresses both the energy performance and lifespan issues of traditional windows. Using multiple interior layers of film rather than glass allows LiteZone™ insulating glass units more flexibility to meet different objectives and budgets, attaining insulating values as high as R19.6 at centre of glass, and R17 for the overall window. This level of performance can dramatically improve energy efficiency and comfort.

LiteZone™ is air filled and has a proprietary system to allow air pressure between the inside and outside of the glass unit to equalize with changing temperatures and atmospheric pressure, while keeping water vapour from entering the unit. It has an extremely strong and flexible edge seal and stress on the seal due to changing temperatures is minimized by using materials with comparable coefficients of thermal expansion and water vapour. As a result, the expected life of LiteZone™ is more than 60 years.

LiteZone™ only uses two glass lites and therefore weighs less than triple pane. With its weight and performance, LiteZone™ allows large windows and generous glass areas in buildings designed to be highly energy efficient.


LiteZone™ has produced these insulating glass units with a life span of more than 60 years. There are no inert gases used, and no fear of performance loss due to inert gases escaping. Air pressure is equalized between the inside and outside of the unit to greatly reduce stress on the edge seals. Advanced perimeter edge seals and spacers and other refinements
also contribute to greater longevity, reducing lifecycle costs and environmental impacts.

  • Other performance features of LiteZone™ include:
  • Achieving the highest window insulating values;
  • Minimizing the weight of multi-layered insulating glass units;
  • Can significantly improve temperature comfort for people at home or office;
  • Provides sound insulation;
  • Blocks ultraviolet light; and
  • Can reduce both building capital costs and energy costs for heating and cooling.
LiteZone™ insulating glass is manufactured in Canada and is available for sale to window and curtain wall manufacturers, glazing contractors, home owners and builders.


Want to learn more?
View the video below to hear the inspirational story of LiteZone™ Glass.


The runner-up for the 2016 Green Building Product of the Year Award was was the GoConex system by Levven Electronics. Read more »