Past Award Winners



CaGBC Lifetime Achievement Award: Stephen Carpenter
CaGBC Inspired Educator Award: Dr. Janet Moore and Duane Elverum
CaGBC Emerging Green Professional Award: Hilary Corneau
Government Leadership Award: Office of Climate Change, Executive Council, Government of Newfoundland & Labrador
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership – Technical Expertise: Wendy MacDonald
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership – Chapter: Tony Iacobelli
CaGBC Green Building Champion Award: David Ramslie
CaGBC Green Building Pioneer Award: Liviu Craiu-Botan
Excellence in Green Building (New Construction): Amber Trails Community School
Excellence in Green Building (Existing Building): Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC)
Students Leading Sustainability: Andy Kesteloo Memorial Project Award: Andrew Martins


CaGBC Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Halsall
CaGBC Academic Leadership Award: Ron Kato
CaGBC Emerging Green Builder Award: Jerad Furze
Government Leadership Award: Metrolinx
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership Award: Jennifer Sanguinetti
CaGBC Chapter Leadership Award: Michael Flowers
CaGBC Green Building Champion Award: Emmanuel Cosgrove
CaGBC Industry Leadership Award: David Hoffman
Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project Award: Ashley Hu


Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project: Jason Reid
Academic Leadership: The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
Emerging Green Builder: Liam Cook
Government Leadership: BC Housing
Volunteer Leadership: Mark Lucuik
Chapter Leadership: Charline Cormier
Green Building Champion: Martin Roy
Industry Leadership: Ian Gillespie
Lifetime Achievement: Alex Zimmerman
Product of the Year: DIRTT Environmental


Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project: Alison Anne Walker
Academic Leadership: Rochelle Owen
Emerging Green Builder: Fin MacDonald
Government Leadership: Alan DeSousa
Volunteer Leadership: Colleen Kuruluk
Chapter Leadership: Josée Lupien
Green Building Champion: Steve Kemp
Industry Leadership: Darryl Neate
Lifetime Achievement: Peter Busby


Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project:  Albert Lam
Academic Leadership:  The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Emerging Green Builder: Laura Paul
Government Leadership: The Government of Alberta
Volunteer Leadership: Brenda Martens
Chapter Leadership: Simon Knight
Green Building Champion: Keith Robertson
Industry Leadership: Groupe Montoni
Lifetime Achievement: Cornelia Hahn Oberlander


Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project: Simon VanGrootheest
Academic Leadership: Algonquin College
Emerging Green Builder: Aaron Short
Government Leadership: Infrastructure Ontario
Volunteer Leadership: Sue Clark
Chapter Leadership: John Crace
Green Building Champion: Vivian Manasc
Industry Leadership: Gord Hicks
Lifetime Achievement: Kevin Hydes


Chapter Leadership: Cindy Choy (Manitoba Chapter)
Academic Leadership: Dr. John Robinson (UBC, Vancouver)
Green Building Champion: John Godden (Clear Sphere, Toronto)
Government Leadership: Province of Ontario
Industry Leadership: Michael Brooks (REAL Pac, Toronto)
Lifetime Achievement: Wayne Trusty (ATHENA, Ottawa)
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership: Curt Hepting (Enersys Analytica Ltd, Coquitlam)


Chapter Leadership: Joel Courchesne (Montreal Chapter)
Academic Leadership: Freda Pagani (UBC, Vancouver)
Green Building Champion: Jason McLennan (Cascadia, Seattle)
Government Leadership: Province of BC
Industry Leadership: Greg Nevison (Tridel)
Lifetime Achievement: Joe Van Bellegham (Buildgreen Developments, Victoria)
Emerging Green Builder Leadership: Jessica Roder (O'Neill O'Neill Procinsky Architects, Edmonton)
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership: Ed Lim (Pinchin, Toronto)


Chapter Leadership: Doug Webber (Toronto Chapter) 
Academic Leadership: Danny Pearl (l'OEUF, Montreal)
Green Building Champion: Jack Meredith (Healthy Green Buildings Consultants Ltd, Victoria)
Government Leadership: City of Vancouver
Industry Leadership: Alan Greenberg (MintoUrban Communities)
Lifetime Achievement: Ray Cole (UBC, Vancouver)
Emerging Green Builder Leadership: Justin Downey (ECO3 Inc. Sustainable Building Consultants, Toronto)
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership: Joanne Perdue (U of Calgary, Calgary)


Chapter Leadership: Rodney McDonald (Manitoba Chapter)
Green Building Champion: Brian Denny (Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Toronto)
Government Leadership: City of Calgary
Industry Leadership: Doug Martineau (Haworth Canada, Calgary)
CaGBC Volunteer Leadership: Steve Carpenter (Enermodal Engineering, Toronto)