Runner-up for the 2016 Green Building Product of the Year Award

The 2016 Green Building Product of the Year Award runner-up was the GoConex system by Levven Electronics.

GoConex touts its product as the world’s first wire free adaptable switch. GoConex employs a switch that sends radiofrequency commands to a receiver, located in the electrical junction box(es), controlling an electrical load such as a light. This eliminates the need for a wired switch leg, unlike a traditional wired light switch and load.

By eliminating the need to physically connect switches to lights and other loads, this intuitive system reduces the economic costs and environmental impacts of wiring and electrical boxes, saving hundreds of feet of wiring and dozens of electrical boxes in a typical home installation. GoConex can help reduce the materials used and labour invested in wiring a home for new construction and retrofit projects. Installation time is reduced, with residential installations 40 per cent faster, commercial installations 65 per cent faster and adding a switch 95 per cent faster.

The circuit boards are manufactured to ROHS Compliance and therefore do not have toxic metals or chemicals in them. The plastic load controller and switch enclosures are both recyclable. The battery, plastic and electronics can all be recycled through existing established processes, so no new processes need to be developed to manage end of life waste.

This system is more consumer friendly, and reduces vapour barrier penetrations in order to improve energy efficiency.

Stay tuned for the launch of the 2017 Product of the Year Awards early next year!