CaGBC's Green Building Product of the Year

Does your product have what it takes to be recognized for excellence in sustainability?

The CaGBC 2019 Green Building Product of the Year Award is now closed.

Product submissions are assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application. Entrants to the competition must be a National CaGBC member to apply, and the product must be manufactured or designed in Canada to be eligible (services and software are not eligible).


What winning the CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year could mean for your business

The winner of the Green Building Product of the Year competition is announced at CaGBC's Leadership Awards as part of our National Annual Conference, Building Lasting Change. The winner of the Product of the Year will earn the distinction of joining an elite list of products that have earned this honour, and will be able to use the CaGBC Product of the Year crest on their website and in promotional materials.

The top entrants are also featured in a detailed case study on the CaGBC website, and the winner receives their award at a special presentation at Building Lasting Change (travel expenses to and from event, as well as accommodation, not included).

In addition, the top products are also asked to provide a short video about their product that will be shown to delegates at Building Lasting Change. The video cannot exceed one minute and 30 seconds in length and cannot be a corporate video. Further details are given to the top three products.

2019’s winner is SoyaOil, for their coatings product line.

Please note: CaGBC is happy to be recognizing these products with this Award program, but this does not mean that CaGBC endorses or corroborates any specific claims made by the manufacturers of the CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year winner or runners’ up.



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Award eligibility and criteria


To be eligible for consideration:

  • The product must manufactured or designed
    in Canada.
  • The entrant must be a CaGBC National member.
  • Services and software are not eligible.


Applicants are required to complete an online application form. Full questions and criteria are listed on the official application page, and include:

  • Product description
  • Sustainability details
  • Transparency and verification.
  • Innovation
  • Application

Please note: the submitted product (in its current state) must be five years old or less.

Submittal Process

Applicants are required to provide a short description of their product, and then address the criteria in a maximum of 200 words per question. Assessment questions include:

  • How does your product reduce impacts on the environment and/or human health and well-being during the stage of its life where it is in use?
  • What information is publicly available for your product as relates to sustainability, including product ingredients and/or environmental and health impacts?

Explain the range of applications (e.g. project types, climates) your product serves, including examples of actual applications if possible.



If you have any questions about the content or submission guidelines, please contact us.


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