The CaGBC is pleased to announce that SoyaOil Coatings Canada Inc.  is the winner of our 2019 Green Building Product of the Year Award. The Company’s SoyaOil coatings are bio-based, providing a sustainable alternative to synthetic-based products. The company was on hand to receive the award at the Building Lasting Change 2019 Awards Gala Dinner on May 29, presented by CaGBC’s Brent Gilmour, on behalf of award sponsor UL Environment.

Delivering Environmentally-Friendly, High-Performance Coatings

Product submissions were assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application.

SoyaOil coatings was chosen by the jury because of its sustainability, innovation, and application. As a 100 per cent bio-based product, judges noted the coatings are biodegradable, with no risk of soil or water contamination at the manufacturing or disposal phase. They also gave it points for its application across job types, with a durable finish suited for commercial applications.

SoyaOil products include no petrochemical or synthetic elements, ensuring it is a non-pollutant product with the natural benefits of being allergy-free. Once applied to substrates it maintains its natural state hardening without gassing out VOC or GHG on application or at its end of life cycle.


SoyaOil coatings combine the performance advantages of alkyd-based paint chemistries with the convenience of solvent-free, waterborne coatings. SoyaOil’s products are a step toward making the paint industry less reliant on petrochemical synthetic chemistry products.

SoyaOil Coatings offer the following features:

  • SoyaOil uses 98% plant-based and natural mineral ingredients
  • SoyaOil uses water to replace the mineral oil solvents, producing a 100% bio-degradable soya alkyd aqueous paint product
  • SoyaOil is VOC free, decreasing risks of allergy or respiratory issues—It’s 92 degree gloss has a VOC rating of zero compared to a low-VOC gloss of 70 degree at 150g per litre of VOC
  • SoyaOil retains the performance characteristics of mineral spirit alkyd paints, and performs better than other low-VOC products in terms of durability and resistance to humidity and mold


Want to learn more? View this video from SoyaOil:


Please note: CaGBC is happy to be recognizing these products with this Award program, but this does not mean that CaGBC endorses or corroborates any specific claims made by the manufacturers of the CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year winner or runners’ up.