Open now for 2016! Does your product have what it takes to be recognized for excellence in sustainability?

The CaGBC will once again be looking for the Green Building Product of the Year in 2016 . It will be presented as a part of CaGBC's Leadership Awards on June 7, 2016 at Building Lasting Change in Toronto. The purpose of the award is to encourage Canadian companies to develop sustainable building products and materials.

Award Eligibility and Criteria


To be eligible for consideration:


Applicants are required to complete the following information in the online platform. Should you wish to provide supplementary/background information in support of your application, please upload them in the online Review Room tool under "Additional Documents".

Full questions and criteria are listed on the official application page, and include:

  • Product description
  • Sustainability details (extraction and manufacturing components, use, end of life)
  • Transparency and verification.
  • Innovation
  • Application

Please note: the submitted product (in its current state) must be five years old or less.

Click here to start your application now. Deadline for applications is March 1, 2016.

What the winner receives

The winner of the 2016 Product of the Year will earn the distinction of being just the second product to earn this honour, and will also be able to use the CaGBC Product of the Year crest on their website and in promotional materials.

The top three entrants will be promoted in the Fall 2016 issue of SAB Magazine and on the CaGBC website, and will receive the award at a special presentation at Building Lasting Change 2016 in Toronto (travel expenses to and from event, as well as accommodation not included).

In addition, the top three chosen products will be asked to provide a short video (elevator pitch) about their product that will be shown to delegates at Building Lasting Change 2016. The video will be no more than one minute and 30 seconds in length, and cannot be a Corporate video. Further details will be given to the top three products chosen.

Submittal Process

Applicants are required to provide a short description of their product, and then address the criteria. Click here to start your application process now .


For questions or technical assistance in applying, please contact us.