Frequently Asked Questions about the New CaGBC Integrated Membership Structure (Effective January 2016)

1. What are the differences between a Specialist, Advocate, Chapter and Emerging Green Professional member types?

Green Building Specialists are companies and organizations that benefit from the LEED® green building rating system for their sustainability projects and help maintain the continuous improvement of this system through their CaGBC membership. Specialists may include: Owners, Tenants, Landlords, Engineers, Architects, Designers, Developers, Contractors, Builders, Real Estate Brokers or Managers and Government.

Green Building Advocates are companies and organizations that actively support the green building industry and want to demonstrate their commitment through CaGBC membership. Usually, Advocates do not require access to LEED® benefits and are not building owners. Advocates may include: Manufacturers, Retailers, Non-owner Tenants, Government Policy Departments, Utilities, Academic or Research Institutions, Industry Associations and other NGOs.

Chapter Members are individuals, not companies, who would like to be involved in the green building community at the local level. Chapter members may be anyone interested in green building related to commercial, residential /homes, or neighbourhoods and communities including Emerging Green Builders.  Note: Employees of Advocate or Specialist member companies are entitled to a free Chapter membership. Benefits include all those extended to their employer plus all Chapter member benefits.

Emerging Green Professionals are 30 years of age or younger, new to the industry within five years or a full-time student. Proof of eligibility will be required. (formerly known as Emerging Green Builder)

2. How much does it cost to become a member of the CaGBC.

  • Green Building Specialist: Fee is based on company revenue.  
  • Green Building Advocate: Fee is based on company revenue.  
  • Employees of an Advocate or Specialist member company: FREE
  • Chapter Members: $100 plus applicable taxes
  • Emerging Green Professionals who are not employees of an Advocate or Specialist member company - $35 plus applicable taxes
All of our rates can be found here.

3. I am an employee of an organization that is a national member company (Advocate or Specialist); am I entitled to a free Chapter membership?

Yes. Under the new nationwide model, if you are an employee of either a Specialist or Advocate national member company, you are entitled to a free Chapter membership in the Chapter of your choosing.

4. How do I claim a free Chapter membership with my employer's national membership benefits?

If you are a current Chapter member and an employee of a CaGBC member company your free Chapter membership will be auto-renewed (with its existing term) for as long as your company‘s CaGBC membership is in good standing.

If you are an employee of a CaGBC national member company make sure your individual CaGBC profile is linked to your employer's CaGBC roster. To do this, sign in to your individual CaGBC account, go to My CaGBC – My Profile. Click on your employer's name, which appears under yours. Find your name on the roster.

  • If you do not have a CaGBC profile, create one here and select your employer under Primary Organization.
  • If your company's name does not appear on your profile, go to Question #6.

Once you have found your name on the roster, go to the Chapters tab and scroll down to Membership – Join a Chapter. Your information will be auto populated. Select the Chapter of your choice. Opt-in the receive communications from the Chapter (you can unsubscribe at any time). Click continue. You are now in the shopping cart, and your total should be $0.00. Proceed to complete the transaction. Confirmation will be sent to you via email.

If you are unsure about your employer's membership status email us to find out.

Quebec Chapter: As the Quebec Chapter is currently not part of the integrated nationwide structure, we are unable to offer complimentary Chapter memberships in Quebec. If you are interested in claiming a free Chapter membership in one of our other Chapters across Canada, please follow the above procedure, or contact Sarah Miller at

* If your employer is no longer a Specialist or Advocate member of the CaGBC (i.e. their membership has lapsed) you will not be able to claim your free Chapter membership and will not have access to specialist or advocate member benefits. You can join your local Chapter as an individual or contact your Membership administrator and ask them to renew.

5. I am not an employee of a national member company. How do I join?

If you are not an employee of a member company, you can join your Chapter as an individual Chapter member. The cost to join is $100 plus applicable taxes, $ 35 for Emerging Green Builders.

6. I can't find my name on my employer's roster – what should I do?

  • Sign in to your CaGBC profile and go to My CaGBC – My Profile
  • Click on the pencil icon beside your name
  • If your employer's membership is in good standing, you will be able to select it from the list.
  • If you do not find your company on this list, contact your employer's Administrator for the membership or Sarah Miller at
  • If you do not have a CaGBC profile, please create a new account on the CaGBC website.

7. I have changed jobs. How do I update that in my profile? Is my free Chapter membership still active?

You can edit your profile by logging into the website, going to My Profile (under My CaGBC) and clicking on the pencil icon beside your name. If the company's membership is in good standing, you will be able to select it from the list. If you do not see it, please ask their company administrator or contact If your new employer is not a member of the CaGBC your free Chapter membership is no longer active. Please contact the CaGBC to purchase your individual Chapter membership for $100 or for information that you can share with your employer about the benefits of becoming a national member of the CaGBC. 

8. My employer is registered as an Advocate member but I want access to all of the LEED benefits that Specialists receive. Can I change my status from advocate to specialist?

No, you cannot. Specialist and Advocate member type is chosen by your employer's administrator. Please ask them to contact CaGBC about upgrading their membership to Specialist to enable access to LEED specific benefits.

9. I am the company administrator and I would like to change from Advocate to Specialist or vice versa. Can I change this?

Yes, you can. Please contact Sarah Miller at and she will change your member type/revenue classification and process the membership fee adjustment.

10. My company was assigned to the wrong member type. (Advocate or Specialist) or My company was assigned the wrong revenue classification. How do I fix this?

Please contact Sarah Miller at and she will change your member type/revenue classification and process the membership fee adjustment.

11. I am the company administrator and would like to update our roster. How do I do that?

Please refer to this Roster Management Guide.

12. When I buy my membership, is it valid for one year of the date of purchase?

Yes. All membership terms are one full year from the date of purchase.

13. My company is a CaGBC National member, how do I find out my company's membership number?

To find your company's CaGBC member ID, please check with the main contact for your company. You can also find this information through your CaGBC profile, if you are linked to your company's membership. Once you have logged into the website, go to My CaGBC - My Profile and click on your company name (which is hyperlinked). You will then be directed to the company membership page, where the member number is displayed. If you do not know who your main contact is, please e-mail If you are linked to the membership for your company/organization, you do not need to reference your company's membership ID number because our system automatically recognizes your membership status.

14. I am an individual Chapter member, how do I find out what my member number is?

Sign-in to the CaGBC website and go to My CaGBC - My Profile, your member number will appear there.

15. If I cancel my Chapter membership will I receive a refund?

No. Chapter memberships are non-refundable.

16. If I cancel my company's Advocate or Specialist membership will I receive a refund?

No. National memberships (Advocate and Specialist) are non-refundable.

17. Can I receive the Chapter Newsletter without being a paid Member?

Please check with your Chapter to register for their free newsletter.

18. As a Chapter member can I receive the monthly e-Newsletter from CaGBC national?

Yes. If your company is an Advocate or Specialist member of CaGBC and you are on the company roster and you have opted in for the newsletter, you will receive the monthly e-newsletter.

19. How do I receive the national newsletter and other relevant communications?

Be sure to check that you are receiving information and updates from the CaGBC. Sign-in to and verify your email subscription options in the My CaGBC dropdown menu. If you need assistance, please contact Sarah Miller, Client and Member Services at

20. What payment methods can be used to pay for Chapter Membership fees?

Chapter memberships can be paid on-line with Visa or Mastercard. Sign-in to the CaGBC website, go to My CaGBC – My Profile – click on Renew now.

If you are joining as a new member, please join the Chapter of your choice from the CaGBC Chapter page

21. Does the Chapter pro-rate membership fees?

No. Chapter Membership terms are valid for one year from the date you joined the Chapter.

22. How can I retrieve my login and/or password information?

Use the Forgot Password option on the Login page of the website. A temporary password will be emailed to the address we have on file for you. If you need further assistance, please email

23. I am a member of another Chapter in Canada, can I transfer my membership to another Chapter?

Yes. To transfer your membership to another Chapter, please contact

24. What are Emerging Green Professionals? Do they receive the same benefits as regular Chapter members?

Emerging Green Professionals (EGPs) are students, new professionals within five years of graduation or 30 years of age or younger. All eligible EGPs receive the same benefits as regular Chapter members for a discounted price of $35 plus tax. EGPs who are employees of an Advocate or Specialist member company can join for FREE and will have access to all the benefits of their employer's membership. Join Now. Proof of eligibility will be required. Types of valid ID include:  Birth certificate, valid driver's license, student card, or graduation certificate. Please email copy of your valid identification to

25. I am a member of a local Chapter and my company is interested in becoming a National member, how do I get more information?

Please visit our membership page or email  for more information.

26. What CaGBC logos can I use in advertising for my business?

As an individual Chapter member you are permitted to use the Chapter logo on your personal business card and emails as you like. Please note that a Chapter membership is for one individual and not transferable.

However, if your company or organization is a national member you are able to use the CaGBC member logo on company-wide business cards, website, corporate letterhead and stationery, business correspondence, e-signatures, annual reports, tradeshow banners, advertisements, corporate office space, LEED® registered and/or certified project sites.

The user guidelines for our CaGBC member and Chapter logos can be found online.

27. How do I renew my company's membership?

CaGBC Membership Renewal Instructions for Advocate and Specialist member companies:

  • Sign in to the CaGBC website –  
  • Go to My CaGBC – My Profile
  • Under your Profile, click on the Company Name which is hyperlinked, on the left hand side
  • You will be re-directed to the Company account where you should see the RENEW NOW button activated
  • Click on the RENEW NOW button to proceed to the Shopping Cart to pay
  • On the Shopping Cart page, enter your credit card information and click Submit Order. Please be sure to click ONLY once or you will be billed more than once.
  • Credit Card payments - You will receive a receipt by email confirming your online payment
  • Cheque payments - If you prefer to pay your dues by cheque, please refer to your invoice and include with your payment. You will receive a receipt via email when payment is received in our office. Cheques should be made payable and mailed to: Canada Green Building Council, 47 Clarence Street, Suite 202, Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1.