LEED Spotlight: Prince Albert's Pine Grove Correctional Centre certifies LEED Gold

Photo of Prince Albert's Pine Grove Correctional Centre

Built in 1965 as a women’s correctional facility to accommodate 52 female offenders, the Pine Grove Correctional Centre, located in Prince Albert, serves the entire province of Saskatchewan. When it came time to modernize, the type of project it is presented a unique challenge for Saskatchewan Government Services (SGS), which owns the building, as they have a commitment to sustainable building design with a mandated minimum of LEED Silver for all government buildings in the province. As traditional correctional facility design does not lend itself well to sustainability, the design team had to be innovative in their approach.

The resulting project is now the Saskatchewan Government’s first LEED Gold certified facility called the ‘Tamarack Building’; a one-story living unit which provides additional secure bed spaces, improved security and increased programming space. We spoke with Jared Kleisinger, Director of Engineering and Sustainability of the Ministry of Central Services, Government of Saskatchewan about how they did it.

Innovative design breaks correctional facility mold

As traditional correctional facility design does not lend itself well to daylighting, water savings and controllability of systems, the design team was extremely innovative in the approach to LEED certification for this building.

Human health was an important factor on this project, and can be observed through the design of cells and common areas that have included access to as many daylighting techniques as the nature of the facility will allow. The building features in-wall radiant heating in the cells where occupants have individual control over systems, with a central override to meet corrections requirements.

Other green operations and sustainable design highlights include the use of low VOC paints, coatings and finishes and environmentally preferred cleaning products. Construction materials used contained 32 per cent recycled content and 87 per cent of the waste from construction and demolition was recycled.

Water and energy saving techniques

The construction of the new building implemented several systems and practices aimed at reducing energy and water consumption. Water saving techniques included a special rainwater collection system that stores and uses rainwater for toilets and irrigation, encouraging the reprocessing of available water and reducing the use of fresh water for the facility. The use of water efficient fixtures and features has reduced the use of potable water by 49 per cent compared to the LEED baseline.

When it came to energy savings, the team implemented energy efficient features that allow the facility to use 56 per cent less energy than the LEED baseline and renewable energy resources that will meet 71 per cent of the buildings electrical requirements for the following two years. Translated into everyday usage, the energy savings achieved is equal to the annual energy usage of 30 Canadian homes.

LEED helps Province deliver big on its sustainability targets

Environmental sustainability is a key consideration in the construction and renovation of all Saskatchewan Government facilities, with a mandated LEED Silver target for all Government buildings in Saskatchewan. While the Pine Grove Correctional Facility was no exception, the project team and SGS were very pleased to have managed to be the Executive Government’s first LEED Gold facility. “As a new build, this LEED certification met the project’s intended target and recognizes the achievements of the design and operations of the building,” says Jared.

“LEED certification is important as it allows the Government of Saskatchewan to design and construct facilities that are both energy efficient and that create a healthy environment for occupants, as well as provide third-party verification that we are committed to managing an efficient and responsible portfolio of properties.”

Project team

Project Owner/Developer Ministry of Central Services
LEED Consultant AODBT
Architect AODBT
Mechanical Engineer McPherson Engineering
Electrical Engineer Alfa Engineering
Structural Engineer P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd.
Project Manager Dallas Huard (Principle Architect, AODBT)
Contractor/Builder Quorex Construction