Vancouver Convention Centre

Certified: LEED® v4 O+M: Existing Buildings Platinum

Coupled with its 2010 Platinum certification for New Construction, the Vancouver Convention Centre is the first double LEED Platinum convention centre in the world.

Have a look inside the world’s first double
LEED Platinum convention centre

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Project Team

Project owner: BC Pavilion Corporation
LEED consultant: WSP Canada

CaGBC members involved with this project: WSP Canada

Why LEED v4

The Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) acknowledges LEED as a well-established green rating system that is recognized in over 160 countries and pursued LEED v4 Platinum certification in order to benchmark themselves against the highest sustainability standard on the market.

Having achieved LEED Platinum certification for New Construction in 2010, the VCC wanted to ensure that they were operating the facility in the most sustainable way possible and LEED v4 O+M: Existing Buildings was chosen to accomplish this.

About the project

To achieve LEED Platinum v4 O+M: Existing Buildings, the Vancouver Convention Centre introduced new sustainability initiatives and enhanced existing programs. Highlights of the project include:

Water Efficiency

The Convention Centre increased the capacity of its onsite Blackwater Treatment Plant by 30%. The combination of water efficient fixtures and the Blackwater Treatment Plant has made it possible to use 38% less potable water annually for the facility’s plumbing fixtures compared to the LEED baseline. The potable water saved is equivalent to approximately three-fourths of an Olympic-size swimming pool or 1,815,962 liters.

Waste Management

The Convention Centre improved its waste diversion rate to over 75% from 50% the previous year. This was the result of enhancing the facility’s already extensive organizational-wide recycling program, which included rebranding all recycling bins, and launching an educational program with staff, clients and retailers to increase understanding of the types of material that could be recycled.

The Convention Centre created a Reclaim Room where material and goods left behind from events are stored. Their Sustainability Coordinator then sources local charities and/or community groups where the items can be donated or meaningfully re-purposed. To date, goods have been donated to local groups and charities including: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association, Vancouver Food Bank Society, Union Gospel Mission and social enterprises like Common Thread.

Energy Efficiency

The Convention Centre continues to switch to more efficient LED lighting in the facility to improve overall energy efficiency.

Materials and Resources

The Convention Centre updated and created new building policies that focus on sustainability, providing a foundation for which its team and suppliers can make environmentally-friendly decisions in their day-to-day practices. These policies include:

  • Facility Maintenance and Renovation Policy
  • Ongoing Purchasing and Waste Policy
  • Site Management Policy
  • Indoor Water Use Reduction Policy

Project Team

Project owner: BC Pavilion Corporation
LEED consultant: WSP Canada