LEED® doesn't just stand for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, it stands for sustainability excellence. And the owners of LEED Platinum buildings are at the forefront of this movement.

These owners know that LEED Platinum buildings are not just green, they are the greenest.

  • They deliver the lowest energy and water consumption, provide a greater return on investment, and demonstrate a shorter payback period for their investment.
  • They provide the healthiest, most productive, and most sustainable spaces for tenants, employees, students and homeowners.
  • They contribute positively to the environment and CSR goals, while vastly minimizing the negative impacts that buildings generate.

Canada has 150 LEED Platinum buildings making tangible differences across the country every day. Click here to see a full list, or read about the highlighted projects to understand what it takes to be a green leader.

Ready to become a part of the Platinum Club?

Step 1 – Learn about the benefits of LEED as an owner or property manager, and for tenants and employees

Step 2 – Read about the Certification Process.

Step 3 – Earn certification discounts and publically demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by becoming a CaGBC Corporate Member.

Step 4Register your project, and work with your chosen team to develop and implement a plan that will demonstrate your leadership by aiming for LEED's most rigorous level.