The LEED Dynamic Plaque – measure, monitor and score your building's performance


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The LEED Dynamic Plaque is a building performance monitoring and scoring platform. It measures building performance across five categories: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience, and generates a current performance score (out of 100) which is updated whenever new building data enters the platform.

It is designed to enable building owners, facilities managers, consultants and other team members to observe trends and make meaningful improvements to building operations that save money, resources and make building occupants more comfortable. The data collected through the LEED Dynamic Plaque can also be applied toward LEED certification or recertification.

The platform has two components:

  • Powerful performance software, accessible on the LEED Dynamic Plaque website, that enables users to track current and historic performance, input and update data, view trends, and manage projects; and

  • An award-winning display unit that enables users to display their performance score in a visually engaging manner for building occupants, tenants and visitors. The display unit is an optional add-on: users may also opt to display their performance score on a device of their choosing, or not at all.

What project types can use the LEED Dynamic Plaque?

Any building project can leverage the LEED Dynamic Plaque to measure and display its performance score, apart from those previously certified under LEED for Homes or LEED for Neighborhood Development.

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