The Process

Building a healthy, more sustainable home is an exciting challenge; certifying what you have achieved should be simple. LEED Canada for Homes is designed to minimize hassle and paperwork, and provide rapid certification – usually about three weeks from final submittal.

Listed below are the major steps in the process of earning LEED Canada for Homes certification.

  1. Confirm eligibility: The LEED Canada for Homes program is open to a wide variety of residential projects, from single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes, to townhomes and multi-family buildings. Learn more.

  2. Contact a Provider: A Provider is a critical component of your project team, guiding the project through the process of seeking certification and providing the on-site inspections. Learn more.

  3. Register: Registration is fast and simple, and allows you to begin marketing the home with the LEED Canada for Homes marketing logo. Register Now.

  4. Conduct a preliminary rating: Staff from the Provider will meet with you to determine how well your project could do based on initial plans. They may also suggest options to improve the project's score and level of efficiency.

  5. Pre-drywall inspection: Prior to installation of the drywall, the Provider will send a qualified Green Rater to inspect the thermal envelope (the outside walls, windows and doors) and any items that will be covered up once drywall is installed. A blower door test at this stage is optional.

  6. Final inspection: When the home is complete a Green Rater will conduct a final inspection. They will verify that the home and its various systems (heating, ventilation, etc.) were installed properly and as planned. The Green Rater will also conduct a blower door test to determine how air-tight the home is. Other duct and airflow testing is optional.

  7. Review by CaGBC: Your Provider will ensure that all the accountability forms have been collected from the team (typically before team members receive their final payments) and prepare a final package of documentation for review by the Canada Green Building Council. The project must be submitted before the sunset date for the rating system under which the project was registered.

    The review process typically takes three weeks. Once certified, you will receive certificates to attest to your accomplishment, and the project will be added to the CaGBC's public online list of certified projects (unless the project has requested to remain confidential). You can also purchase a plaque to recognize the accomplishment. 

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