I am buying a new home


Buying a new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful process. Luckily, home builders and providers are becoming increasingly open to providing home buyers with customizable options. One of these options now includes buying a home that is LEED certified by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Imagine moving into a brand new house, and automatically having better indoor air quality, a much higher rate of financial savings on energy and water, and the added benefit of knowing that your home is having less negative impact on the environment. This is what LEED certification provides.

What are the benefits to living in a LEED home?

  • LEED homes are healthy homes – reducing allergens, and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity.

  • LEED homes use non-toxic materials that lower exposure to mold and mildew. This is because LEED rewards the use of hardwood floors over carpets. Hardwood floors can contribute to better indoor air quality. LEED also requires hard surfaces at entrances and in bathrooms, which lowers the chance of air quality issues, and rewards the use of materials with less toxic glues and less toxic paints.

  • LEED homes are thoughtfully designed to eliminate uncomfortable rooms. This is done by rewarding the proper balancing of the heating and cooling systems so that the ideal amount of heating or cooling is delivered to each room. Unfortunately, occupants find all too often that different rooms are maintained at different temperatures. This prevents a common issue from occurring where one room of the house is much colder than the rest despite the same thermostat setting. LEED Canada for Homes also rewards projects with multiple heating zones, which can both reduce heating costs and increase comfort.

  • Due to environmental efficiency measures built into these homes, you will achieve monthly savings on water and energy. For example, new owners can save on average $900 a year on water and energy bills for a 2,000 sq.ft. detached LEED Canada home located in Ontario. This represents $22,560 over the life of an average mortgage.

  • Data shows that green and efficient buildings sell for more and in less time.

Registering with LEED Canada for Homes gives you:

  • A pre-drywall inspection that ensures everything that will be covered up has been installed correctly. This also flags any errors to allow for prompt correction.

  • A blower door test which helps reduce leaks and identifies areas that need attention.

  • A final on-site inspection that ensures everything has been constructed as planned.

  • A homeowner's manual that details any maintenance that may be required, contains cut sheets for equipment and suppliers, and identifies the LEED credits that were achieved by the home. 

So how do you find a home builder that provides move-in ready LEED homes?

The best way to find home builders that provide move-in ready LEED homes is to contact a LEED Canada for Homes Provider. Located in most of the leading housing markets, Providers support builders in the construction of high-performance, sustainable homes. They also administer a team of Green Raters, who together with the Providers verify that homes in the program are built to meet the requirements of the LEED Canada for Homes rating system.

For a full list of providers in your area, click here.

Have additional questions? Email us at any time and we will do our best to help you understand how LEED Canada for Homes works and why it could work for you.