If you have a project undergoing certification review


Certification Review

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Congratulations on the successful completion of your project, you are almost at the finish line! Your paperwork has been submitted to the CaGBC for certification review, and it is only natural that you are eager to begin promoting your accomplishments to stakeholders and the public at large.

How to refer to a registered project that is in the review stage

When referring to a registered project that is currently in the review or submittal stage, the same rules apply as when the project is registered.

As is referenced in the official LEED Brand User Guidelines, a LEED registered, but not yet certified project may be referred to as:

  • A “LEED® Candidate” or, as an alternative for broader public use, “LEED® Certification Candidate”.

It is also appropriate to refer to your project as:

  • “Registered with the intention to certify”, or “targeting [level of certification]” – keeping in mind that a level of certification is not guaranteed until the certification has been awarded.

Despite the fact that the project's scope is complete the project has not completed the certification review. It is therefore not yet LEED certified, and cannot be referred to as such. This includes referring to the building as 'LEED certified' or a 'LEED certified project'.

Once the review process is complete and you have received final notification of certification from the CaGBC, you are now ready to begin promoting your project as LEED certified.

For additional, more detailed information about branding, please refer to our LEED Brand User Guidelines.