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Certification Review


Congratulations on registering your project for LEED certification. Registering is the first step in the LEED certification process, and is a great way to indicate your project's intention to build to LEED standards.

Once a project is registered, the project team begins to prepare and collect documentation and calculations to satisfy the prerequisite and credit submittal requirements. As this first step is an important one in your road to certification, it is important to ensure that your project is referred to appropriately.

How to refer to a registered project in promotional materials

When referring to an officially registered project with the CaGBC, it is important to ensure proper language in order to protect the value of LEED certification.

As is referenced in the official LEED Brand User Guidelines, a LEED registered project may be referred to as:

  • A “LEED® Candidate” or, as an alternative for broader public use, “LEED® Certification Candidate”.

It is also appropriate to refer to your project as:

  • “Registered with the intention to certify”, or “targeting [level of certification]” – keeping in mind that a level of certification is not guaranteed until the certification has been awarded.

During the registration period, a project should never be referred to as “LEED certified” or a “LEED certified project”.

While registration does indicate your commitment to certifying a building, it cannot legally be referred to as certified until you have received official notification from the CaGBC LEED Team.

Trademark and copyright infractions are taken very seriously by the CaGBC and will not be tolerated. If the project does not comply with LEED registered trademark guidelines and continues to do so after being contacted, the CaGBC will send a legal cease and desist letter to the owner, and this will result in legal action if changes are not made within the designated timeframe.

For additional, more detailed information about branding, please refer to our LEED Brand User Guidelines.