Showcasing Your LEED® Certification

Promotion Plaques

You've completed your green building project and now it's time to highlight your achievement. CaGBC is pleased to partner with Eclipse Awards to provide approved LEED Plaques, Decals and Accessories that commemorate your commitment to building green and to sustainability.

These items can be personalized to showcase your LEED certified project. Many organizations also use these plaques to recognize valuable partners and suppliers that helped them achieve LEED certification.


LEED Halo Plaque

Details about the LEED plaque you will be receiving

LEED certified projects (except LEED Canada for Homes)

Soon after certification, you will receive your new LEED Halo certification plaque. Composed of solid 3/4" thick glass, with a diameter of 16" and mounted with aluminum hardware, each plaque is sandblasted by hand and clearly displays the year and level of your LEED certification. Designed for both beauty and durability, each LEED Halo Plaque is an enduring symbol of your commitment to green building.

The plaque must be displayed inside the certified building or space, in close proximity to a copy of the LEED Canada certificate. These plaques were recently released in Canada to meet the new Global LEED Brand strategy.

Each project receives one plaque and ten certificates as part of its certification package. Additional plaques may be ordered at a cost of $600 each from Eclipse Awards, by contacting Sarah Soo Wing by email, or phone at 1-888-294-7121 ext. 204.


LEED Residential Plaque
LEED Residential Plaque

LEED Canada for Homes Plaques

Note that LEED Canada for Homes projects receive four certificates, plus one for each unit in a multi-family project. While they do not receive a plaque, they may order one specially designed for residential projects, at a cost of $60 with doubled sided tape for mounting, or $80 with metal mounting brackets for mounting.

Plaque dimensions are: 152 mm x 152 mm x 3mm thick (6" x 6" x 1/8" thick).
Weight: 340 gm (0.75lbs).

LEED Canada for Homes plaques can be ordered by contacting Sarah Soo Wing by email, or phone at 1-888-294-7121 ext. 204.


Additional plaques decals and more!

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The CaGBC is also pleased to now offer banners, posters and presentation material.


About the Provider - Eclipse Awards, a carbon neutral company

Boutique manufacturer Eclipse Awards has 15 years of experience creating beautiful plaques and they have incorporated sustainable materials and processes into their designs to amplify your commitment to sustainability and LEED principles. Eclipse Awards is also a carbon neutral company, so you can rest assured that your LEED plaques will not add to your project's carbon footprint. For more detailed information on the history of this plaque and the materials used to make it, click here.

Have additional questions about the plaque's placement or possible uses? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Replacement policy

Plaques that are damaged during initial shipping will be replaced by Eclipse Awards at no charge. Eclipse Awards must be notified within five business days of receiving the damaged plaque. Damage that occurs after the plaque is received is the responsibility of the owner. Replacement plaques can be ordered from Eclipse Awards.