Action-Oriented, Measurable Green Performance.

Arc helps you measure performance, make improvements and benchmark against other projects by calculating a
performance score out of 100, based on global building data and action-oriented strategies across five categories:





Human Experience

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Introducing Arc

A platform like no other

Access to real-time performance data:
Tracks progress with analytics reports and a live performance score.
Simple user interface and secure storage space: Easy-to-use resource management dashboards and automated control algorithms. Hosts all project assets.
Benchmarks projects against industry peers: Rates projects on a local and international level.
A home base for information sharing: Supports internal communications between departments and streamlines team management.

What is Arc?

Arc is a single-platform green solution for every building, neighbourhood, community and city.

The future of green buildings is focused on performance. Arc represents a new era for green building as the platform takes LEED® to the next level through the shared use of technology, feedback and recognition of excellence.

Who should use Arc?

LEED certified buildings can use Arc to improve and benchmark against their peers – at no cost. Arc also allows them to verify LEED performance on an annual basis to keep their certification up to date.

Buildings that have not yet certified can use Arc to make incremental sustainability improvements and take steps towards earning LEED certification over time.

Benefits of Arc for Buildings

Supports LEED certification and building performance

  • Provides a streamlined way of earning LEED certification the first time, and to keep certification up-to-date annually.
  • Benchmarks building performance against peers locally and globally.
  • Helps reduce carbon emissions and expenses related to energy, water and waste management.
  • Can be tied to your Canadian ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account, avoiding the need to re-enter energy use.

Increases marketability

  • Focus on occupant satisfaction and wellness can reduce absenteeism and turnover while improving productivity, helping to attract and retain tenants.
  • Builds sustainability awareness among tenants, fostering closer tenant relationships and facilitating future sustainability initiatives.


Projects certified under LEED Canada have free access to Arc, and simply pay normal O+M certification fees when they wish to re-certify. To gain access to Arc for your project, contact CaGBC.

Projects not certified pay a $1200 US registration fee and can immediately begin entering the required data to obtain a performance score. Projects can continue to use the Arc platform to track and improve their continuous improvement efforts for their buildings, communities, cities or districts. In this way, all projects can benchmark themselves to LEED by sharing data and improve to potentially become certified.