LEED Credentials: Showcase your knowledge, experience and credibility in Canada's green building industry

A LEED professional credential signifies that you're a leader in the field and an active participant in the green building movement.

With new jobs specifying the need for green building expertise, the LEED professional credential shows a clear commitment to your professional growth, while underscoring your value to LEED project teams and sustainability-focused organizations.

How does it work?

LEED credentialing uses a tiered system.

  • The Green Associate is the starting point for LEED credentials. Whether you are an individual who is new to green building or an experienced professional who is expanding your knowledge – everyone starts here. Get started now. Ready for the exam? Click here to find out how to book it now.
  • The second tier is the LEED AP with specialty. There are five different LEED AP specialties, and you must earn your LEED Green Associate prior to attempting a LEED AP with specialty. Each specialty arms you with advanced knowledge in green building and helps you stand out as an expert in a particular LEED rating system. Click here to find out which specialty is right for you .
  • Lastly, the LEED Fellow recognizes outstanding LEED APs who are changing the way we all build green. If you think you are qualified to be nominated as a LEED Fellow, click here to learn more .

Taking the exam

The professional credential exams measure your understanding of green building design, construction and operations. The LEED AP exams also assess your understanding of the LEED rating system and your ability to facilitate the certification process.

Please note that only CaGBC members (Specialist, Advocate and associated Chapter members) are eligible for exam discounts, Individual Chapter members are not.

LEED Green Associate LEED AP
Fees $200 ($250 for non-members)

Full exam: $400 ($550 for non-members)
Specialty only: $250 ($350 for non-members)

Eligibility Requirements None Experience working on a LEED-registered project is strongly recommended.
Timing Format 100 multiple-choice questions per section
Language Exams are available in the following languages, with translation aids: Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic and French.
Scoring A passing score is 170 or higher on a scale of 125 to 200

LEED v4 and changes to your green building education

With the launch of LEED v4 in both Canada and the U.S., comes changes to the LEED Professional Credential Exams for the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP with specialty designations. The CaGBC is working closely with the USGBC to ensure all education is kept up to date.

  • The credential designation will remain the same and current credentialed professionals will not need to re-test.
  • Everyone wishing to earn a LEED credential must now take the new exams, which came into effect at the end of June. These exams include LEED v4 material.
  • CaGBC is offering new study courses with LEED v4 material. Visit our LEED v4 education webpages to find the education you're looking for.

Looking for materials and study courses to earn your Professional Credential? The CaGBC is here to help.

With a variety of courses for both the seasoned pro and the newcomer – CaGBC's education courses are your most reliable and trusted source of exam preparation and reference material. They also come in various formats – making it easy for you to prepare in-class or on the go.

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Want to know more general info?

Read our most Frequently Asked Questions about the exams, the credentials, and credential maintenance.

Need more detailed info about credential maintenance?

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If you need help preparing for a LEED Exam, CaGBC can help. Local workshops and webinars are available to help prospective credential holders prepare for their exam. This information can be found in the CaGBC's education calendar.

Companies may want to consider holding on-site private training to prepare staff for a LEED exam. This is a service that CaGBC provides through our Corporate Education program.

CaGBC Corporate members receive member discounts on all LEED Credentialing exams. To become a member click here .