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NECB 2011 Energy Code: How this new requirement in Alberta will affect your projects.
January 16 - Lloydminster
The NECB Energy Code is now a requirement in Alberta. This course will help you comply with the new requirement by addressing what performance requirements are in the code and how they will impact your project. Participants will learn from real Alberta case studies that have navigated the NECB code requirements, ranging from prescriptive compliance to energy modeling for the performance path. After this course, participants will be better equipped to navigate and implement the NECB with confidence.
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Lunch Workshop - Introduction to the WELL Building Standard
January 31 -Edmonton
February 1 -Red Deer
February 2 -Calgary
The time has come tobring human health and comfort to the forefront of building practices and reinvent buildings that are not only better for the planet—but also for people. This session will introduce how toaccomplish thisusing the WELL Building Standard as the framework. Led by Markous Gad, the session will be aimed at design professionals, contractors, developers, owners, facilities managers, sustainability consultants, government officialsand anyone interested in furthering health through design of the built environment, specifically in commercial and institutional building types. Enjoy a tasty lunch whilst gaining an overview of the WELL building standard ideology, structure, and certification process.
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Lunch Workshop - Introduction to Energy Benchmarking
February 7 -Edmonton
February 22 -Red Deer
March 3 -Calgary
Energy benchmarking allows owners and managers to compare the performance of their buildings against others in their portfolio, and to similar facilities across Canada. The province of Ontario will soon introduce mandatory reporting of annual benchmarking results for large commercial buildings, and similar legislation is under development in other jurisdictions. This course will provide step-by-step guidance for new users of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to begin working with this free, online tool to analyze building performance. Participants will learn how inputs such as occupancy, operating hours and vacancy rates influence results, common errors, and how to manage data outside of Portfolio Manager to ensure accuracy over time. The session will include live demonstrations of the steps required to add and update key inputs.
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Can-QuestEnergy Modelling Training
February 14 & 15 - Calgary
This hands-on, two-day course will walk participants, step by step, through the complete energy model development process. The course will start off with the schematic and design development wizards and then delve into the detailed interface for more advanced modelling. Key features include easy to use Wizards and parametric analysis, making for quicker model development and energy optimization. In addition, energy modelling principals will be discussed throughout (ex. zoning, building envelope thermal performance calculations, etc.) CaGBC also offers all attendees access to a post-workshop online webinar recording providing an in-depth overview of the EAp2/EAc1 Canadian ACP in LEED v4 projects

Understanding the WELL Building Standard
March 15 -Calgary
March 23 -Edmonton
This half-day workshop is designed to introduce the intent, key elements and requirements of the WELL Building Standard, the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on the health and wellness of the people in the buildings. Attendees will learn how to harness the built environment as a vehicle to support human health, well-being, and comfort. The ideology, structure, and certification process of the WELL program are covered in-depth, as well as the health basis for each Feature. Strategies for improving the nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns, and performance of occupants through design and construction practices are explored. WELL case studies are also highlighted.

The WELL Workshop helps building professionals and owners understand their role as public health practitioners. It also helps medical professionals understand the critical role that the built environment plays in the health and well-being of occupants.

For those seeking to becomeWELL Accredited Professionals (WELL APs), this workshop will provide you with foundational knowledge that may be incorporated into your WELL Exam study plan.

NECB 2011 and CAN-QUEST: The New Energy Code and the Tools Available for Compliance
April 18 -Edmonton
April 25 -Red Deer
This one-day course will provide an overview of NECB 2011 including a brief summary of the evolution of energy codes in North America leading up to today’s National Energy Code for Buildings which is being widely adopted across Canada. The course will explain the importance of energy codes and the role they can play in managing building energy costs. In addition to providing a general description of how the NECB works, including key design elements to consider in an energy efficient building, the course explains how code compliance can be achieved using one or more of three compliance options. The benefits of using the performance compliance path are highlighted with a focus on whole building energy modelling using CAN-QUEST – Natural Resources Canada’s energy modelling software
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Is This Product Really Green?
February 9 -Calgary
Just as implementing a triple bottom line in business turns accepted practices upside down,so designing for sustainable product performance requires new methodologies and outlooks.Ensuring solutions are genuinely sustainable (and not just greenwash) adds yet another layerof complexity.
Join us for an interactive and experiential presentation on two radically diff erent approachesto understanding the sustainability of products. One takes a holistic perspective and seeksto understand how a sustainable solution behaves; the other, more conventional approachfocuses on materials and prescriptive paths.
Participants will be invited to explore and solve a case study in the course of this seminar.Come learn how designers are addressing this issue in ways that will enlarge your owncomprehension of sustainability, be it in design or business.
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New Energy Code for Buildings
February 28 -Red Deer
March 1 -Edmonton
As Alberta has adopted the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011, it will have profound effects on how buildings are constructed in Alberta. While most people are aware of the changes, a lot of us still don't realize the full impacts that the new energy code will have on building design. This lunch and learn will touch on:
  • What do I need to submit for my DP and BP?
  • What impact does compliance have on building options?
    • What code must we comply with in the simulation? Is CanQuest the only approved model? Can't we use the ASHRAE model?
    • Does this mean we can't design with glass curtainwall?
    • What are the tolerances (if any) for prescriptive design?
    • What about warehouses, which are basically a box with walls of doors?
  • How are renovations and additions treated in the new code?
  • ‎‎How will practice need to be modified?
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Health & Buildings
March 7 -Edmonton
Karina Thomas, from the Ministry of Labour with the Government of Alberta, will give a high level overview of the health concerns in the construction and building industry with a focus on chemical exposures and the effects of green building products on the health of construction workers and on people working in the green buildings once they’re completed.
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Alberta Green Homes Summit - Tickets Now On Sale!
Do not miss the Early Bird Rate! Deadline November 30th, 2016



Green Building Superhero Series
Join the Southern & Northern Alberta Emerging Green Builders as they host a mentorship program for young professionals and students.
The Green Building Superhero series is an opportunity for young professionals and students to engage with professionals as they share their story and history in the industry and to answer questions on their journey as well as share any insight into where things are going.
November 30 -Homes, Edmonton
January 19 -Building Green at UofC, Calgary
February 22 -Architecture, Edmonton
March 29 -Kicking Ass in Sustainability, Edmonton
Registration is free for Alberta Chapter EGB members
Members - $10
Non-members - $15
**all registration fees collected go back to EGB Programming
Not a member? Follow thislinkto sign up and get member pricing and other benefits.


This year the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance will be hosting Alberta’s premier energy efficiency event at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.
The event will coincide with the creation of a new energy efficiency agency for the province – Energy Efficiency Alberta – and promises to be the ‘go to’ place for conversations about the future of energy efficiency in Alberta.
Date:Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Location:Matrix Hotel, 10640 - 100 Avenue, Edmonton
Time:9 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.

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Speakersare expected to include representatives from:

The Government of Alberta
Energy Efficiency Alberta
Leading industry firms
Leading municipalities in the province
Leading consultants in the field
Leading non-profits and civil society organizations

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Introduction to Energy Benchmarking
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Understanding the WELL Building Standard
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Mar. 23 -Edmonton
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