CaGBC Greenbuild Market Intelligence Reports

These reports highlight the 2014 Greenbuild Conference and Expos that took place in New Orleans, LA, United States, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The annual U.S. Greenbuild conference is considered to be the largest green building event in the world with 20,000+ participants and hundreds of exhibitors. In 2014 the conference expanded for the first time, adding a new, full conference in a country outside of the United States.

Brazil is the third largest market for LEED registered and certified green building projects after U.S. and Canada. As of April 2014, Brazil had a total of 22.3 million square meters of LEED projects or 829 projects with 2.85 million square meters certified under LEED.

These reports detail the type and size of audience that was in attendance, the green building market in the country of origin, names and contact info for some of the key members who were in attendance, and overall observations about the content and its impact on the Canadian Green Building Market.

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